Day 115: Birthday Edition!!!!!!

[As I’m writing this it’s 12:04 on  the East Coast so it’s still my birthday in the majority of the country!]

So… I know why you’re reading. You want to know if I did it. WELL I TOTALLY DID!!!!!!! I worked hard this week and it showed. I woke up this morning tired and then I got on the scale and after that my day was great! I still have a looooooong road to hoe, but everyday I’m getting in the right direction. For that I have you, dear reader, to thank. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Breakfast: I just had a bowl of cereal and milk 4 points.




Lunch: So after a crazy escapade of trying to find a parking spot that involved me actually driving back home to catch a bus back up to campus, I met up with Adam and some of the AFC folks for lunch on campus. I went with some Pollo Tropical and it was so good. They have some of the best rice and black beans I have ever had. This is the best kind of fast food in my opinion. I didn’t eat the roll so it the plate was 11 points.







Oh yeah, I was walking by this fountain on campus and it was partially frozen over. It was really cool so I thought I would show it off.









Dinner: I had a free bowl at Genghis Grill since it was my birthday so I went out with a few friends. It was a blast. I might have went a little overboard but it was so good. I did a surf and turf with marinated steak, imitation crab, scallops, and chicken along with a bunch of veggies and brown rice.





So we aren’t going to be able to be able to weigh in on Sunday so we both weighed in this morning. In this short week, Megan and I dominated! I lost 3.6 pounds and Megan, who had been struggling with a plateau, lost 4 pounds!!! It’s been a pretty awesome short week. Thanks again for all the support and birthday wishes! See ya tomorrow.





7 thoughts on “Day 115: Birthday Edition!!!!!!

  1. Yay! What a wonderful birthday present! I’m so happy for you both. I wish Tristan and I could’ve made it to your dinner but I know y’all had fun. And if I don’t see you tomorrow, have a great time at Disney! You deserve it!

  2. Awesome, man! So proud of you! You’re such an inspiration and it’s really amazing you’re letting us all take this journey with you.

    You’re not alone, friend.

    Happiest of birthdays!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! I was talking to Dr. Von Glahn yesterday afternoon, and she’s in awe of all the people in the department losing with Weight Watchers 🙂

  4. wow, amazing story you are documenting here! After struggling with weight most of my life, I know how hard it is. My husband JUST lost 95lbs too! Yay for you and I’ll be checking back often to see your progress…GREAT JOB 🙂 Must feel amazing!

  5. Congratulations Nathan!!!!!!!! That is SOOOO awesome! I am SO happy for you!!! And, Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was awesome!

    Also, congrats to Megan for a 4lb loss, it’s REALLY hard for girls to lose that much in a week so that’s an amazing accomplishment as well.

    Y’all are doing great! Keep up the awesome work, it’s obviously working!

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