Day 121: Palindrome Day!

(You know… since it’s 121)

What a difference a good nights’ sleep makes. After an exhausting day, today was equally as busy, but I still got a lot done and I just felt better. Regardless, I am ready for the weekend like you would not believe. Allllllllllllrighty then….

Breakfast: I just had a bowl of Kashi Toasted Honey Almond Crunch which was delicious and 5 points with milk.

Snack: So my body has started to do this weird (but good?) thing where it’s become almost hyper sensitive to unhealthy or extreme (too salty, too greasy, etc.) foods. If you recall, I am a huge fan of iced chai lattes and I haven’t had one in a while. I got one today and it was waaaaay to sweet to the point of almost being gross. (The sugar free skinny lattes have ruined me in a good way.) I tried to drink it because it was a venti but I drank to the Sirens’ bosom (sadly the best way to describe it) and had to quit. I drank 4 points of it.

Lunch: I had Starbucks at 10ish and I didn’t eat anything else until 2:30. I was starving. I didn’t pack any snacks like I had planned and I was crunched for time (the story of my life it feels like. Boo Hoo me.) Anyways, I was rummaging around this convenience store on campus and found the pack of Sabra Hummus and Pretzels in the refrigerated aisle. There were no better options so I gave it a shot. It was amazing, but that might have been because I was hallucinating bacon falling from the sky at that point. The pretzels were salty but it worked. This little pack was 8 points but it was dense and delicious.

Dinner: I had some leftover chili (my favorite) over some chips and a little cheese. It was 9.5 points but didn’t really feel me up.

Snack: After church and grocery shopping, I needed to eat something. I had a thing of string cheese and it was 1 points but it felt like I could taste the oil. It was weird. Then I decided to eat a salad with trail mix and Fat Free Dijon. The salad was only 4 points and filled me up.

So today I got up to I 31.5 points so I was a lot closer today. After today with all the food tasting wierdness, I kind of feel like Spiderman when he was trying to figure out his superpowers. I really have no clue what’s going on (maybe I’m finally going through puberty) but if anyone else has had that same experience please let me know. It’s intriguing to me. One more thing before I go: we were putting up groceries and Megan picked up this 2 pound bag of pinto beans. She looked at it, thought about it for a sec and said “You have lost 28 of these off of your body.” Wow. That really put things in to perspective. Pretty cool stuff. See ya tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Day 121: Palindrome Day!

  1. Oh man, I love that “this food really isn’t good for me” feeling. It’s nice to know that my body is on board with the program, even if it does sometimes make a fast meal unpleasant. Normally it’s much worse if it’s pure junk (a fast food burger) verses something that maybe just isn’t the healthiest choice (a real cheeseburger), so I can still splurge every now and then without feeling sick.

  2. I definitely have seen that happen, where after eating healthy food regularly the old “normal” stuff just isn’t so good any more! It’s quite a nice thing our bodies do, because I think if you drank that latte and loved it, you would start to crave it again. At least I would! I love that our bodies learn to want what’s good for us!
    Keep up the good work, I’m even sending your blog link to friends trying to lose weight because you’re such a great inspiration! No pressure… 🙂

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