Day 124: Saturday Awesome Saturday

Today was swelltastic. It actually felt like a Saturday. We’ve been busy every weekend since… November so it was nice to have some down time and time to get things down around the house. Alright, down to brass tax here.

Breakfast: We slept in a little bit so I just had a waffle. Only 2.5 points.

Lunch: For the first time in a while I made Turkey Burgers!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!! We had some leftover pinto beans so Megan she made them into baked beans. They were really awesome. We also made a batch of baked fries. Lunch was 11 points which is pretty decent for burgers and fries.






Exercise: Before our excursion out in to the cold (cold as in wind chill of 42. I know that’s the summer high in Minnesota but Florida has made me a pansy) I had a banana. (2 points) We then went to the beautiful Lake Ella Park. Even though it was pretty cold, there were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine. The track around Lake Ellas is .6 miles around and we went 5 times. I’m no mathmagician, but that’s 3 miles. We tried to jog but it was too windy so we speed walked the whole time. It was a lot of fun.







Dinner: It was like a greatest hits of awesome food day. Megan made some mac n’ cheese and broccoli, one of my favorites. I ate my share and it was delicious. Two heaping helpings was 12 points and the broccoli was free. Pretty hard to beat.


So today I only ate 27.5 points which is still below but I feel really good. Tomorrow is the first weigh in day of my journey to 43 pounds so I’m hoping for a big number (well… a small number.) I’ve been pretty good this week so we will just see what happens. See ya tomorrow. (Oh yeah, we just started the first season of Breaking Bad. Pretty legit show.)


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