Day 125: Weigh In Round 21

So last week was a little insane with a vacation at the beginning and crazy amount of school work in the middle. Even though I didn’t work out towards the end of the week, I still had a pretty good feeling since I stayed within my points for the most part. Not to mention this was the first week of a new 43 pound goal by April 27th. With that being said, I woke up this morning feeling thin (anyone know what I’m talking about?) so I was hoping for a big/little number. I lost 2.2 pounds this week which was not as high as I was hoping, but considering the insanity of the week I’m really happy about it! I try not to complain about not losing as much as I hope because 2 pounds in a week is normal and I hate it when people get frustrated about losing only 6 pounds on the Biggest Loser. So I’ll take it and it’s a good foundation for a new stop on my journey. As of now, I’m 40.2 pounds away from the 100 pound goal. Also, I’ve lost a total of 59.8 pounds in 4 months! Pretty legit.

Breakfast: I went the Wafflewich route. It was delicious, but I think I’m going to cut it down to just one waffle and half a serving of pb to lower the points and then have a mid morning snack. It was 8 points of nomage.

Lunch: Megan made this awesome breakfast scramble with potatoes, bell peppers, onions, bacon, and a combo of egg yolks and egg whites. I forgot to take a picture because I was really hungry. Sorry about that. Let me assure you it was a masterpiece. Anyways, it was only a 6 point lunch.

Snack: If you haven’t tried 94% ff kettle corn, you are missing out!!!!!!!!!! Just enough sweetness to feel like you are cheating but not saturated enough to make you feel gross. Half of the bag was only 2 points! Buy it today!

Dinner: While I was watching the worst Super Bowl slowly develop game by game, Megan made this awesome WW Mexican Turkey Casserole. It was sooo awesome. We haven’t had it in a while and I really missed it. With some chips my dinner was 15 points. Only one portion is 6 points so it’s really a good meal.

Snack: During our men’s small group, they cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. I had already eaten, but there were some Cape Cod Chips with 40% less fat so for 23 chips (which is a big serving size) was only 3 points. Not too shabby.

So today I got to 34 points which is high but hooray for weekly points. See ya tomorrow.


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