Day 131!

So yesterday was a beast of a day full of delicious yet super calorie infused meals. Today, it was my mission to at least attempt to undo the damage done. Overall I think I did alright, but we will find out tomorrow. Enough about that, time for food.

Breakfast: I had the last waffle with just a little honey on it. My stomach was pretty messed up this morning so I kept it light. I also had a light bagel and a handful of almonds. Kind of a hodge-podge of a breakfast, but we really needed to go grocery shopping.

Exercise: I’m about 15 miles away from completing my #JanGTD goal so with 3 days to go I still have a chance to beat it. Megan and I walked all over tarnation. The part of Tallahassee we live in is really hilly so we got a big leg work out. We walked a total of 5.27 miles of awesomeness.

Lunch: After our big expedition, we really wanted to find a place with a good salad bar. (Jason of Jason’s Deli, IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE COME HERE!!!!!!) We decided to try out the Salad/Hot food bar at Earth Fare. It was amazing! It’s $7.99 a pound but the spread was awesome. I had a big salad with a little salmon and balsamic vinaigrette, a few pieces of steak with roasted veggies, some quinoa (first time I’ve tried it. Soooo good) and some soy nuggets which were really good. I definitely want to go back soon.




Dinner: Our friend Matt (of racquetball fame) wanted to go out dinner to try out this Korean BBQ place in town. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but the place was awesome! I had the Korean Beef BBQ with rice. You could have as much sides as you wanted so I filled up on kimchee and this miso soup with tofu. It was a pretty awesome dinner.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Between drinking a lot of water to keep from retaining water and walking 5 miles, I’m hoping that undid a little of yesterday. I’m worried because I’m really starting to crave bad foods again which hasn’t happened for a long time. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I’m going to get back on track. This race is not over and I can’t forget that. See ya tomorrow.


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