132: A New Start Edition

This week was beastly. It has been full of stress, complacency, and just plain bad eating. It was particularly bad on Friday. I was really bad on Friday because I weighed early to see how I was doing and I was down to 294.4! I was really stoked. Bad idea. Every time I do that I unintentionally screw it up the rest of the week. On Friday we ate a very indulgent meal and it put the rest of this week in a funk. I haven’t been really counting my points like I should. I’ve done a lot of estimating this week. Then this happened… for the first time, I gained 1.4 pounds this week. I know that it has to be retained water from the bizarre kind of week it has been, but it has really opened my eyes to get me back on track. Expect a much better number there next week.

Breakfast: We bought some Kashi waffles this week and they are good, but they are still not near as good as Publix waffles. Every other frozen I’ve tried have been really soggy (maybe I just need to turn up my toaster… hmmmmm) Anyways, like I said they are good and I had half a serving of peanut butter which was only 4.5 points.

Lunch: After church, we went to the Tallahassee Mall (the creepy near abandoned mall where most zombie movies take place) and ate at their food court. Luckily there is a Subway which is especially good. I had the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki which is one of my favorites but I haven’t had it in ages. The 6″ with some chips was 10 points.






Dinner: Megan had been wanting to try this new recipe she found in a Taste of Home magazine so we gave it a shot. This beautiful concoction to your left is Tex Mex Porkchops. Basically, the sauce was salsa, green chiles, and sauteed onions. I usually don’t like salsa as a sauce like this, but it was really good! Megan thought it was a little salty but we both think it was the kind of salsa we used. The porkchops were only 4 points (if they are about 5 ounces) so dinner was only 8 points which is sad that it was less points than a sub and chips. (Eating in folks, that’s where it’s at!)

Snack: I just had a 1/4 cup of trail mix for 3 points. Hooray.

Overall today I unintentionally only got to 25.5 points which is kind of below but it’s too late to eat so I’ll just keep drinking my water. This week, I’m going to get back on a consistent work out schedule with healthy food abound. I’m really going to focus on reviving the fire I had to lose the weight and rid any shred of complacency that is left within me. What an epic battle it should be. See ya tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “132: A New Start Edition

  1. Aw, heck Nathan- just wait till you have a week where you gain +5 back. (I pray that never happens to you. But seriously, it happens easier than you think!) 😉
    1.4 is a managable number, and I have a feeling that next WIN you will be at -2.7 for your efforts.
    (And if you actually hit -2.7, then I’m buying a lottery ticket! LOL)

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  3. Glad to see that you’ve got your fire back! We’ve all seen that number on the scale rise and its what you do about it that is important. I gained this week too which I expected since I lost 8lbs when I was sick. That just fired me up to get rid of it again so I’m prepared this week with healthy snacks and lunches packed and dinners prepped for quick preperation since we have a crazy schedule this week.

    Good Luck! You totally got this!

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