Day 135: Wednesday Stuff:

I did not want to get up this morning. I woke up and the only thing I could think about was when I was going to get some face to pillow time again. It’s definitely not the first day of early morning working out that is the killer, it’s the third. More about that in a minute.

Breakfast: We bought these awesome Nature’s Own bagel thins that are only a point! They are just as big as the bagel thins you get at Einstein bros but just a heck of a lot cheaper. So it was 2 points for the bagel and a little nonfat smear.

Workout: As I was saying, it took a lot of will power to get out of bed, but (obviously) I got up and we went to the gym. As it usually works out, it turned in to one of the best work outs I’ve ever had. I started off with leg machines, then I joined Megan and we did some squats, lunges, and this really crappy exercise that involves just getting up out of sitting on a bench. We did 50 of those and it suuuuuuucked. Then, we decided to both try out the bike (not the spin class one but the one with the bigger seat.) I’ve done it before so I gave it a shot again. In 20 minutes we both went 10 miles. Pictured is my “What the crap is wrong with me? face around mile 8. Overall it was a great workout and I got 13 activity points. (Also, I’m not sure why it is upside down. I tried to change it and it wouldn’t work. Lame.)

Real breakfast: Since a bagel wasn’t enough, we walked over to Jenny’s Lunchbox for a big ol’ breakfast. I tried their veggie omelet and it was packed with all sorts of goodness. I was really impressed, not to mention their homefries are just plain fantastic (and I’m sure a little fattening but who cares.) Breakfast: the sequel, was 14 points which was high, but after a workout like that I needed something a little more than an another bagel.

This is Megan being cute. (It’s what she does.)

Lunch: I was in a bit of a rush, so I warmed up some chili and crunched up some chips in there. It was a short moment of lunch bliss. It was a very filling 8 point lunch.

Snack: Around 3, I had some trail mix with a point of almonds that I added in. 4 points.

Dinner: Earth Fare had this awesome promo where if you bought only $5 of stuff you got a pound of wings free. (Hooray for Facebook advertising!) So we did that for dinner. Again, not the healthiest, but we haven’t had wings since like September so it was a nice little treat. Unfortunately, Earth Fare doesn’t have their nutrition facts online, but I found another nutrition fact so it was approximately 15 points for about 10 wings.

Overall, I got to 43 points but with the activity points I’m good. It was a pretty good day I would have to say. (Who wants some hay? Done by the bay? Go Blue Jays? March 5th is Perry the Platypus Day?) Okay, I’ve lost my mind. See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 135: Wednesday Stuff:

  1. Hey just wanted to drop a comment. I am at Day 331 and started at 316 so I know what you are going through. I am impressed by all the food photos, that is something I never tried to force myself to do. Your lack of gains is amazing though. Weight loss is not always linear so dont get too discouraged by them. Best of luck!

    • Thanks man! I’m REALLY impressed by your weekly pics! That is so awesome to see you get smaller pic by pic. Keep up the awesome work!

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