Day 137: Friday Funerino!

It’s finally the end of the week. Pretty awesome. The weekend couldn’t have come any sooner too, today was just a comedy of errors. I’m not going to go in to the details or anything (nothing bad) but it was just a bizarre day. Alright, nummy nummy food time!

Breakfast: I had a heartier breakfast than I usually have because I finally bought some milk. I had a bowl of Kashi Berry Deliciousness for 5 points.

Snack: I’m not one to eat when I’m stressed, but today I made an exception. I bought some WW cheese pizza bagels bites so I microwaved a batch of those bad boys when I was working on something for my internship. They are 5 points for 4 which isn’t that bad and you feel like you’re eating junk food so it’s a win-win.

Lunch: A while back, we had bought some Morning Star Pizza burgers and they were awesome so I bought some because they are easy to cook and really really good. I cooked up 2 patties (because they are only 2 points!) and put them on some bagel thins (so you could say I had Pizza Bagels twice today. Guffaw.) With some chips it was a 9 points lunch.

Snack: Through out the day, I had 3 points of trail mix. I also had a 5.5 point wafflewich before a class meeting.




Exercise Squared: I broke out a really good sweat on the Wii Fit Plus earlier. You can do a custom work out to focus on different areas and you decided how long you want to go. I did a lot of different exercises for 30 minutes. I gained 5 exercise points.

Then after my meeting, I decided to go over to Leach to go for a run. I’m still really sore after Wednesday and I haven’t worked out since so it was good to get a good stretch out (and it helped me avoid doing homework) For the first time, I put the treadmill up to 6 miles per hour. Pretty awesome. Anyways, it was a pretty good run and it was 7 exercise points.






Dinner: I decided to be adventurous and make some breakfast burritos FOR DINNER (and that’s why my middle name is Danger.) I cooked some egg whites and warmed up what was left of the black beans a rice. I didn’t have a clue how it was going to turn out but it wasn’t that bad! For 2 burritos it was an 11 point dinner. Pretty good stuff.

So overall today I got to 38.5 points (yikes) but I did work out twice and I haven’t used any weekly points this week so I’m good. See ya tomorrow.


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