Day 140? Whoa.

I really can’t believe it’s been that long. It finally feels I have graduated from the “dieting” phase to lifestyle phase. With this rejuvenation I’ve gotten since last week. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I ever want to just eat anything and everything anymore. I’ve caught myself recently thinking about what I wish I could eat (especially bad for you pizza and stuff like that) but then I found this picture:

(I still cringe every time I see this picture.) This was my Junior year of college. I was miserable, constantly uncomfortable, and lazy… but I ate anything I wanted to. I had no food filter. If it looked good, I ate it. It was a dark time for me and I had almost lost hope at this point. I was really ready to give it up and just get fatter and fatter until I just died. Thankfully, one day (about 140 days ago to be exact) I decided that this was not me. This is not the Nathan that I knew. The skinny Nathan finally decided that he was going to do anything to get the weight off and live the life he wanted before it was too late. Now here I am, 64 pounds later (I’m not sure how much I weighed in this picture, but my guess is the 370’s-380’s,) still chugging along to Healthytown. Alright (wiping away some tears) let’s get down to food stuff.

Breakfast: I just had a bowl of Kashi Berry Crisp and milk for 4 points. When we got on campus, I got an iced caramel machiatto for 3 points. Hooray for caffeine! 


Lunch: I didn’t have much time between class and internship, so I went to the on campus convenient store with my friend Chip to get some lunch. I had one of those awesome Sabra hummus and pretzels packs which was so awesome and really filling. It was 8 points.






Dinner: By 5:00, we were both really hungry so we went to Chipotle since we sadly both had the points. I had the vegetarian burrito bowl with black beans, rice, peppers, salsa, cheese, guacamole and sour cream on the side. The bowl is a lot more guts than a  burrito has so it’s the better deal, plus with bowl you don’t have the extra points of the tortilla! Overall, it was 16 filling points.





Exercise: I did a 30 minute circuit on Wii Fit. It was a lot of fun (especially the yoga poses. I really miss going to yoga!) but after, I accidentally did the free step, not knowing it was 10 minutes of stepping. So that was fun too! I did 3 points worth of exercise.





Dessert: Megan has been studying for what seems like the past 48 hours so she finally took a break and we went to Hiro’s for some frozen yogurt. I’m back to eating fruit with my yogurt instead of candy and it was a lot better. It was 3 points of deliciousness.

Overall, I got to 34 points but with the exercise points so I’m good. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 140? Whoa.

  1. Nathan, I don’t really know you well enough to say this (having not seen you in person since you were just a kid), but I’m really proud of you and what you’ve accomplished. There is something about saying “this is what comes naturally to me, but I want something better for myself” that is so much bigger than just weight loss. Pushing back against our own nature to be something better is what we all need to strive for as human beings and especially as Christians (Rom. 12:2). I hope that a few years down the road I can look back at myself (as you have) and know that I’ve changed for the better. May God bless you as you continue this journey.

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