Day 143: Thursday!

Greetings yo!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s installment of Wordless Wednesday. That is so much fun to do! If you have a blog you should totally try it. Expect another installment next week! So today was a pretty good day. I was still reeling from a brutal test yesterday but I still got a lot done. I did spend a lot of the day watching stuff get interesting in Egypt on CNN. Pretty interesting stuff. Anyways, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: As always, I had a wafflewich. What else is new? I also had a glass of milk so it was  7.5 points

Lunch: I had a hummus veggie pita with cucumbers. It was so awesome and only 5 points. Hooray!

Snack: After class, I just had a bowl of multigrain cheerios and milk for 3 points.






Dinner: I went to pick up Megan to run some errands and since we were out and about, we went to Cabo’s for dinner. It was soooo good. If you live in Tallahassee, definitely go there… NOW! They have combo of Mexican food and seafood. I went with the Tuna tacos and it was legit. While that was good, we both went a little over on the chips and salsa but luckily they were unsalted. So I don’t know how much everything was, but I still had 15.5 points and I haven’t eaten anything else so I think I’m good. See ya tomorrow.


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