Day 147: Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope you had a good day full of X’s and O’s. For me, it was another gorgeous day here in Tallahassee and although I didn’t get to spend a lot of it outside, I really enjoyed it when I was. Although I didn’t eat any candy at Halloween, I ate 2 truffles that we were suppose to be giving away. (Oops.) So that was 2 points right there but it was dark chocolate so awe well. (And they were freakin’ delicious so double awe well.)

Breakfast: Since I was waffleless and we need to go grocery shopping, I improvised and made use some breakfast sandwiches. It had an egg, a veggie sausage patty, some spinach and a little cheese. They were 7 points and pretty good! I’ll have to make them again sometime because they were super easy.

Lunch: I was in a super rush to get to my internship so I had to get something fast. Luckily, Megan had made a fresh batch of hummus this morning so I had about a half of cup of hummus and 2 pitas. A really good and surprisingly filling 8 point lunch. Pretty awesome stuff.



Dinner: Since we’ve been dating, Megan and I have always done Pizza Hut dates (back in the day we would get a large stuffed crust pepperoni with breadsticks, but now with the whole eating healthy thing we’ve made some adjustments) so what better time to go on a date than Valentines Day! Anyways, we ordered a medium thin crust with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Before that though, we had a salads! Hooray salad! They didn’t have any low fat dressings (seriously?) so we each got some ranch in a cup so we could dip our forks in the ranch and then spear the salad instead of just pouring it on. It really worked too! I didn’t even use a quarter of the cup! The pizza was great and I had 4 slices (which was a slice too many) but it was still delicious. It was about a 16 point dinner which was good with me.  (P.S. sorry the picture of the pizza looks weird. The lighting was just off in there.)

Care Package!!!! My awesome parents sent us a Valentines care package full of my favorite things! They got us some Central Market Peanut Butter (my favorite,) an owl wind chime, some coffee, and an owl washcloth. Pretty awesome stuff. I have the best parents in the world (you might think you have better parents… but you don’t.)

So today I got to 33 points, but I’m about to do some Wii Fit to balance it out. See ya tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 147: Happy Heart Day!

  1. Awww,we always do pizza dates for Valentine’s day too! Except we always order pizza and rent a movie. It started because I was sick the first Valentine’s Day we were together. I ate way too much and a giant cupcake so you did WAY better than I did!!!

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