Day 153: Weekend Update

Hey everybody!

So you’re probably wondering why I haven’t been blogging and I apologize for my lack of explanation. Well, on Friday we went down in to Central Florida with our church and Megan and I were counselors for a youth retreat! It was a complete blast!!! It was so much fun to just get in to nature and hang out with a bunch of middle schoolers and high schoolers. The theme of the weekend was “Rebeloution,” trying to get the kids to think differently and how they could break the social norms. They even changed up the schedule to create complete chaos. One of the ways was by changing up the meals. This morning the kids had this for breakfast: chocolate cake and cobbler. It was pretty intense. they really changed it up. It was a hoot. (Rest assured, they had healthier options like fruit so just to let you know so you didn’t think Christians have some weird campaign to encourage childhood obesity.) Regardless, it got me to think a lot about control. Since it was camp, our meals were set out for us. I didn’t have control of what I ate, I couldn’t change the meal or whether my meal had meat in it or not. It was tough but that’s how it is. I’m definitely not mad about it because I ate a lot of salad and fruit along with drinking a lot of water. It just got me to think about how important having the control of the situation is when you are trying to lose weight. At every meal, I ate whatever was on my plate. I don’t have that control in those situations and I know that a lot of people might say “well, just don’t eat it” but it’s just not that easy when you are use to meticulously planning out your meals. It was a great weekend and it was the recharging I needed.


Breakfast: As mentioned, there was chocolate cake, but I obviously didn’t go that route. I had a bowl of fruit loops/apple jacks with some fruit. It was a really good breakfast.








Lunch: We had chili for lunch (which was stellar) with chips and salsa with a salad. The salad bar at camp was better than most restaurants so I loaded up on that and just dipped my fork in to the ranch which I think even tastes better than just drenching your salad. You should really try it!






Dinner: It was sad to leave and get back into the thick of it, but it happens. On the road back, we gave Moe’s another try because it was the only decent choice in the area. I had the vegetarian quesadilla which was sooooo good. It just had black beans, grilled peppers and onions, and some cheese. I was impressed. Congratulations Moes, you might have won me back.





Snack: (yes, I need a haircut) I have always heard about how awesome Chobani yogurt was so when we went to Publix tonight I finally gave it a try. It was the first time to try Greek yogurt and I didn’t know what to expect. I really liked it! The texture is completely different which takes some adjusting but it was delicious. Good stuff.


So tomorrow is a new day and to get things right and lose some weight. I’m going to really stay within my points and work out a ton. For the first time in… ever, I actually feel athletic. We were playing a game yesterday that had about as much running as soccer and this kid came up to me who I had been blocking the whole game and he said “man! You were making me work for it every time! You run so fast for a big guy! You are as fast and as agile as a crazy 9 year old” Dang right I am.


Weigh in tomorrow. Get stoked. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 153: Weekend Update

  1. I’m glad you had such an awesome weekend!!! Good for you! I’m also happy you finally tried Chobani! I obviously LOVE the stuff. I’m so jealous, I haven’t found honey in my area yet, but pineapple is my favorite. It’s AWESOME!

  2. Man, in youth ministry those retreats and camps were the hardest on your diet, I hated that part. But you did great making good choices with what you had there. Also, while greek yogurt is very expensive it is sooooooo good for you, packed full of protein and very low in calories, great snack and really holds you over. All you gotta do is watch the sugar content, they can get you there. You guys are rocking! Keep up the exercise and make sure you are getting enough rest, I know that is silly to say in grad school, but is most important. You are doing great, so proud of you two!

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