Day 155: Tuesday Time!

Sup G’s!

So I’ve been pretty sick all week. I can’t figure out if its allergies or a cold but either way I wake up in the morning with Slimer dancing around in my head. I’ve been drugged up on cough medicine since Sunday so if I seem loopy that’s why.

Breakfast: I went with the classic wafflewich which was good. I finally get to crack open the Central Market Peanut Butter so I’m pretty stoked about that. Good ole 5.5 points

Lunch: I knew that Tuesdays are insane so I decided to make an early lunch. I basically had breakfast twice (which is fine with me) I toasted two English muffins with two eggs and two veggie breakfast sausage patties with a little cheese and some spinach leaves. (I was a Noah’s Ark of a meal.) It turned out really well. Pretty awesome lunch and 11 points.






Snack: While I was waiting for class to start, I had my afternoon snack of Kashi TLC granola bar for 2 points. You should really try them out.

Snack: We bought some awesome Charlie Brown gummies from Publix so I had a little package. They were 2 points.





Dinner: I really needed to eat something spicy to knock the snot out of me so Megan made some curry. She made it extra hot (emphasis on way too hot) It was a green Thai curry that she got for Christmas and we put in some shrimp, yellow peppers and zucchini. We used a low fat coconut milk that was a little different, but regardless it was pretty good. With a massive glass of milk to offset the hot it was about a 13 point dinner.

Overall, I got to 33.5 points which is fine with me. The past couple of days I’ve been too sick to get up to work out so I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to get up in the morning. See ya tomorrow.

P.S. did anyone watch Biggest Loser tonight? What did you think?


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