Day 159: Saturday

Today was an odyssey of weirdness. Both in food and in almost been hitting by a bus. I’m no Ray LaHood (google it) but when someone is crossing the street when you have the little white guy, you should not have to worry about becoming a hood ornament on a City of Tallahassee bus. Fun stuff. Alright, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: Before James had his audition, went to Brugger’s Bagels. We haven’t been there before but we needed to go somewhere psuedo fast but not fast food. I had the Spinach Cheddar Omelet Bagel on a Trail Mix Bagel. It was really good and the trail mix bagel was soooo good but it was pretty high in points. It was 13 points. Ouch, but I want to go there again sometime.





Lunch: After James’ audition, we had a celebratory lunch at Sonny’s! It was really good. I had the Chicken with a baked sweet potato and baked beans. The chicken was a little greasy but the whiter parts were pretty good. It was about 15 points for lunch so not too bad. Megan got a salad that had candied pecans and craisins. It was only 5 points too!






Snack: After walking around downtown, we went over to Nuberri for some frozen yogurt. I went with vaniila and some toppings. It was about 5 points.









Dinner: GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!  We went to Super Perros with James so he could taste some of Tallahassee’s Finest cuisine. Megan and I split the Godzilla burrito of awesomeness. It was fantastic. That’s all that needs to be said.

So today was delicious but indulgent and a little over the top. I’m really worried about tomorrow. I know a gain is on the horizon for a variety of reasons I will bore you with tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams. See ya tomorrow.


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