Day 164: Thursday

SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought this day would come. It’s been a long semester so far so some mental rest is much needed. Anyways, I just have to get through my internship tomorrow morning and then I have absolutely no obligations. So awesome. Alright, let’s talk food.

Breakfast:I woke up with a glass of cold water (you have to do that!) and a cup of Chobani awesomeness. I ate the last cup of Pomegranate we had 😦 which lead me to write this on Facebook…. Pretty awesome. What a great 3 point breakfast.





Snack: It’s been forever since I’ve had Starbucks so since I was on campus, I went over to Club Stroz and had a Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato. It tasted amazing since it’s been such a long time. Such a great 3 point treat.






Lunch: Since it was Thursday, I went to Ogelsby and ate with the awesome folks from my Church’s college group. I had Pollo Tropical and it was just great. My monster meal was 14 points. A little high, but okay for a workout day.

Workout: After class (where the term “Elite Cleavage” was used FTW) I headed over to Leach for a good workout. I warmed up on the recumbent bike then I did arms and core. I felt a little awkward at the gym for some reason today. It was just a weird day; there are some workouts I want to do but I don’t feel comfortable doing in public. I use to not have that issue, but I was kind of self conscious today. Overall though it was a good workout with a lot of sweat so that works for me! 14 exercise points


Dinner: Tonight, we went and saw the Old 97’s play at The Moon. They are a good ol’ Texas rock band and they brought it. When they sang “West Texas” I got homesick. Anyways, before the show we went to Cabo’s since it’s right down the street. I had the Veggie burrito which was just a refried beans burrito. It was good but a little rich. We did eat our share of chips and salsa because they are awesome but it was still a healthier dinner than we could have gotten anywhere else.

So overall, it was a pretty good day! The food was great and the workout, although a little weird, was sweaty and good so it was a day I needed. See ya tomorrow.


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