Day 167: Redemption Weigh In Day

I’m so sorry this post was so late. We’ve been hanging out with folks all day which has been a blast.

When I woke up, it felt like Christmas morning: I was anxious to just see what was under the tree good or bad because that way I would just know. I got some pretty exciting news! I lost 5.5 pounds this week! That made up for last week’s gain and then some! Basically I lost 2.5 pounds (I guess that’s how that works?) Anyways, what makes this week even cooler is that with this beast of a loss, I have lost 71.5 pounds and I have lost 20% of my body weight! I’m a four-fifths of the man I use to be! Pretty awesome weigh in day for sure; I’m even more excited to see how next weeks will be with so much time to work out this week. It should be a good one!

Breakfast: I just had a wafflewich with the other half of yesterday’s banana. I was 6.5 points of deliciousness.

Snack: Between class and service, I had 2 points worth of almonds and I’m really glad I did…. read on.

Lunch: So after service, the college group and the young professionals all went to lunch at Red Elephant which is known for their pizza but they have a bunch of different stuff. Anyways, we had a reservation for 1:00 and we didn’t get seated until 2:00; oh yeah, it was in the 50’s today in Tallahassee and we had to sit outside! Lametastic! We finally got our table and when I had been looking at the menu I really wanted something that was hot and just hearty. So I had a salad… (I can see the confuse look on your face.) I had their Oriental Salad with Seared Tuna and Soy and Ginger dressing on the side. I was really impressed. The tuna was perfect and the oranges and pineapple were a really nice touch. It was a great salad that I would like to go back and get. They don’t have their nutritional info online (even though they advertise 550 calorie meals. You obviously know at least some of the nutritional info!!!!!!!!!) but I figured it out to be about 10 points?


Snack: We went home for a little bit after lunch just to relax until we were going to hang out with people again so I had a 6 point bowl of Kashi cereal while watching Season One of Boy Meets World (which is awesome.)

Dinner: Shortly after my snack, I had a ginormous 5 point slice of leftover lasagna which was good as always.

Snack: I had about 5 points worth of snacks which isn’t that bad considering we were over at our Campus Minister’s house until midnight. Most of those 5 points was from this awesome brownie that Crystal had made. The rest is some popcorn and some grapes. Usually I’m always tempted to eat a second anything be it cookie or whatever but tonight it didn’t even cross my mind.

So today I got to about 34.5 points which is okay with me. I ate pretty well and that’s what flex points are for. Plus, we are going to cook at home a lot this week so I’ll keep within my points pretty well. Also, while we were at their house I sat on a exercise ball for more than a hour and in that time I did leg raises on it (which were hard!) I’m sure there are some exercise points in there but I would try to justify it 🙂 See ya tomorrow.


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