Day 168: First Monday of Spring Break!

Sup yo!

So this was my first time I actually had a day off on a Spring Break so I took advantage of it. I took today to actually relax before I needed to work on homework and other fun things. Alrighty then…

Breakfast: I started the morning with this some awesome breakfast. It was nice to have enough time to make some. I made a Veggie Sausage Egg MacMuffin (not McMuffin) and it was fantastic. It was only 6 points with a little cheese too! Good breakfast.

Workout: My friend Kyle invited me to go workout since we had some time. It.Was.Intense. We worked on upper body and core. He showed me a bunch of different workouts to do and they were beastly but I can feel it. We worked out for about 2 hours and got a really good sweat in. It was definitely a 13 point workout.

Lunch: After the workout, we went back to my house and had leftover veggie lasagna. 5 points.


Snack: Megan made some afternoon smoothies which were just awesome. Whoever thought to but strawberry and banana together was a genius. 3 points.






Snack: While watching Dr. Oz, I had some Double Fiber Quaker Oatmeal. 1 point.







Snack… Again: While looking through recipes for dinners to make for the week, I found this recipe for this awesome Roasted Red Pepper Dip. The dip is zero points and I just had 1.5 points of pita chips for dipping.






Dinner: Megan found this awesome Chicken Enchiladas with salsa verde. They were awesome. Each enchilada was 3.5 points and I had four so dinner was 14 points.

Dessert: I had 4 points of Edy’s yogurt swirl ice cream. Magical.

So today I got to 34.5 points which was awesome and with the exercise points I’m good.


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