Day 172: Finally A Post Friday

I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to post yesterday or the other. I don’t know what the deal is with WordPress this week but for some reason every time I got on to post it would keep messing up.  Awe well. Anyways, Spring Break has come to an end. Spring Break 2K11 was pretty domestic with tons of spring cleaning and other fun stuff like that. To be honest, it was just what we needed to get through to the end of the semester. Alright, let’s talk food and other awesome things.

Breakfast: Oatmeal was BOGO at Publix this week so I got the Maple Brown Sugar with Double Fiber (yay fiber!) so I had a packet of that. I also put half a banana in it just to see what it would taste like. It was actually really good! I was impressed and 4 points.






Mid Morning Snack: While I was grading and feeling sorry for the future of humanity, I had 3 points worth of almonds. Such a great snack.







Lunch: In between loads of laundry, we made kind of a makeshift lunch that actually turned out well. (I hate it when you make a makeshift lunches and it’s terrible because it’s ramen noodles, bar-b-que sauce and ranch wrapped in a tortilla or something like that.) Ours was just a veggie chicken patty with some Uncle Ben’s cheesy rice and some mixed veggies. It was a really good 6 point lunch.





Exercise of Death: Megan bought the 30 Day Shred (because she is a masochist or something) and it was beastly. It’s only 20 minutes, but the circuits are rough. I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow but it’s worth it. It was 5 exercise points so not too bad. I’m definitely going to do it again.








After Exercise Snack: Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey. So awesome. 4 points.







Smoothie Time! Also after the workout, I made a Strawberry-Banana-Blackberry Smoothie. It was really good and I was a fan of the combo. And for 3 points it wasn’t too bad!








Dinner: So we really wanted to try to make pizza this week and finally the day came! Megan made the dough out of the WW cookbook. We got some really awesome toppings from The Fresh Market this afternoon. The toppings shown are: grape tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, spinach, and mushrooms. It was awesome with a capital delicious. A slice was a little high (8 points) but again, it was delicious. We each bought a soda to drink with pizza (you can’t just drink water with pizza, it’s gross) and we both got Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda. I forgot how sweet it was so I didn’t really drink mine. Anyways, I had 2 ginormous slices for 16 points. I don’t think I minded because it was basically a deep dish veggie pizza. Good stuff.

So overall, I got to 36 points but with the exercise points I’m at 31 points so I’m good. A really good day. See ya tomorrow.


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