Day 178: St Paddy’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I hope your day was filled with Lucky Charms and other foods full of toxic green dye in them. Ours was busy, like the rest of this week has been. It’s just been nuts this week! I don’t feel like we have been home at all… because we haven’t. Sadly, there is no end in sight to this madness! Awe well, it’s how it goes. Alright, let’s talk food yo!

Breakfast: I thought I would change up my breakfast routine a little bit today. I had a cup of Pomegranate Chobani with 1/4 cup of Kashi Berry Crunch. It was pretty good, but the dried berries in the thick Greek yogurt was hard to chew. A little weird, but still a really filling breakfast! It was only 4 points too so not bad. 

Exercise: I got the gym at around 9 this morning and it was a ghost town! Usually, it’s pretty busy but not completely packed. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the bars in Tallahassee opening as early as 6 AM this morning.) Anyways, I had pretty much full range of the joint which was a nice change so I worked on my arms and core. I did a lot of what Kyle showed me last week but I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have. I’ve gotten a little lethargic in my workouts which bothers me. I think I really need to start working out with a personal trainer to pick back up some momentum. Regardless, I got a really good sweat going and despite playing soft rock throughout the gym, it was a good hour workout. 1o exercise points.

After-Exercise Breakfast: FSU has this awesome free standing Starbucks in the middle of campus with plenty of chairs on their deck so I decided to get some breakfast and just relax. I had their oatmeal with brown sugar and a Venti green tea (I mean… it is St. Paddy’s Day!) It was a really good but I was shocked when I figured out the ice tea was 3 points, as much as the oatmeal. That’s a little strange. Either way, it was a 6 point after workout breakfast.





Lunch: Since every Thursday our Campus Minister Adam comes up to campus to have lunch with us, I suggested one week we have a picnic on Landis Green, this big open field with beautiful old trees with Spanish moss draping down from them (I love Florida.) Anyways, today was perfect for a picnic! It was warm and not a cloud in the sky. Adam and Crystal provided the sandwich fixins for us so I just had a turkey with mustard on wheat. It was about a 5 point sandwich. So not too bad. Then we threw a frisbee around so it was a great afternoon!

Snack: When I got home from my class and slowly watched my NCAA bracket slowly deteriorate, I made myself a veggie chicken sandwich on an English Muffin. Pretty awesome 3 point snack. Then, I had 2 points of pretzels with some mustard for dipping. The pretzels really held me over until dinner!






Dinner: In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, Earth Fare had their Hot and Salad Bar half off today! (It’s usually $7.99/pound! Score!) It was no surprise when we got there and they had some amazing stuff. I had the following awesome items: Guinness Stew, Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Roll, Cod, and Sausage with Peppers. Then I had a baby spinach salad with a artichoke hearts, a little cheese and a roasted red pepper vinaigrette (I didn’t really eat the egg.) It was a great dinner that was a little overindulgent but delicious nonetheless.

Snack: While we were watching this week’s episode of Biggest Loser on demand, I had 2 points worth of popcorn. Good stuff.

So today I got to 22 points without being really sure of what dinner was. I also had the 10 exercise points so I was probably in the clear. I feel like I used up all my weekly points on last night. If you recall from the pictures, we at at this awesome Italian restaurant called Bella Bella. We were in a pinch for time so we went there just to try it out. Now this week has been particularly busy and with the time change, we have both been really thrown off the rhythm we had before Spring Break. So we go in and the waitress suggests we try the Bubble Bread appetizer. We just thought it was going to be some special made bread; instead it was cheese bread with a schlacking of garlic butter under the cheese. It was heavenly. Instead of having a salad with my dinner, I have clam chowder. Then for dinner I had their Sicilian Lasagna with sausage and other wrong things. I ate most of it, but I still removed the thick layer of ricotta to try to ease the pain. I’m not gonna lie, I was having a crappy day, and some unhealthy food was the only thing that was going to do it for me. Did it make my day any better? Not enough to offset how hard I’m going to have to work out the rest of this week to avoid a gain. I was talking to Megan and I was going to say  “it’s been one of those weeks that the food is just not what it needs to be” but all that came out was “it’s been a week,


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