Day 183: Busy as Crap Edition

This is going to be short because I’m exhausted and I have a beast of a Stats test tomorrow. I was on campus pretty much 15 hours today so I’m ready just to go to bed, get up, take my test, and get on with my life. Here we go.

Breakfast: We had a study date at Jenny’s Lunchbox which was awesome. I had the whole wheat pancakes with scrambled eggs and veggie patties. It was about 15 points which was okay because today was just a beast and I knew I wouldn’t have time for a real meal the rest of the day.






Snack: I had a bag of nuts while I was studying. 4 points. Awesome.

Snack: So I thought I had packed a Clif Bar in my backpack but I guess in my haste this morning I forgot it. I bought a Nature Valley Honey and Oats bar pack to eat. 4 points.

Dinner: I had 5 points of leftover chili goodness.

Snack: After my beast of a day, I got home and made a cinnamon toast wafflewich for 4.5 points.

So I got to 32.5 points. Time for bed. See ya tomorrow.



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