Day 186: Friday… TODAY!

Hooray for the weekend… the weekend.

Sorry about last night, between FSU losing and the craziness of the week finally catching up to me I was pooped and just ready for bed. So instead you can read this post while watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Breakfast: I went the wafflewich route with some chocolate almond milk.

Lunch: After I went to this awesome presentation from the former head of multicultural marketing for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, (Tony Suarez, you’re a beast) I went up to the Capitol for my internship. I got there a little early so I went down to the Capitol Grill. I didn’t think they would have healthy options since it always smells like a Long John Silver’s, but they had a pretty good salad bar. When I say good, it’s no Jason’s Deli salad bar, but it still had a lot of options. Best of all: it was only 40 cents an ounce! That’s like FroYo cheap! They also had this rasberry vinaigrette that was fat free and 50 calories. It was a pretty good salad for $4!






Dessert/Indulgence: So there was a surprise birthday celebration for someone in the office and even though I’m still a lowly intern and I don’t know anyone, I like a good surprise. Plus, to me, watching coworkers interact over birthday cake is where you learn a lot more about the culture of an office. Anyways, they had Tinkerbell cupcakes from Publix. The icing was super intense and after I ate it I had a headache. Either way, it was fun to celebrate Grace’s birthday and to try something so sweet and know it was too rich for me to eat anymore.







Trail and Picnic: Tallahassee has a lot of gorgeous forests and parks. Friday, we got to enjoy some more of Florida’s beauty. We went with our friends, Dennis, Sharon, Adam, Crystal and Kaylee out for a mile and a half hike with a picnic at the end. The trail had a lot of sand (still not use to forests having sand in them) and the landscape changed a few times a long the way. We had a lot of fun! After the hike, we went ate our packed dinners. I had a turkey sandwich with some grapes and some almonds. It was a lot of fun!










Dessert: Friday evening, we went to the Rainbow Concert, where all the FSU ensembles play, and then went over to Yogurt Mountain! I know I know, two desserts in one day. It was a little over the top but it was great. I combined German Chocolate and cookies and cream yogurt with a bunch of weird toppings including Nerds! It was delicious, but I’m a little desserted out for a while.

Overall, Friday was a good day. See ya later.


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