Day 187: Saturday Fun Stuff

Sup yo!

Another week has come and gone. Pretty crazy stuff! It was a good day, I got some homework done (maybe as much as I should have) and went Grill shopping! I didn’t buy one today but I’m planning to pretty soon. If you have a suggestion let me know! Alright, let’s do this.

Breakfast: I had the awesome Eggo Cinnamon Toast Wafflewich for breakfast and it totally rocked. 4.5 points.

Lunch: We went over to Sup Perros for some lunch. As always, it was flippin delicious. We both had the Vegetarian Plate with tostones, rice, beans and salad. We also split and arepa which is (to quote Megan) a cross between cornbread and polenta. As you can see, they are pretty generous with their portions there. It was a pretty awesome meal. I think Super Perros might become a Saturday tradition! 10 points.





Dinner: Once again, we made the super awesome veggie pizza. We got a little topping crazy but they were just veggies so it wasn’t too bad. (I saw at Publix the other day soy pepperonis that are like 50 calories for 13 pepperonis. Has anyone tried those?) Anyways, I was a little too adventurous and I had two slices. It was a little much. My eyes were too big for my stomach. 16 points.

So today I’m at approximately 30.5 points which it might be a little more than that but that’s how it works. Well tomorrow is weigh in day and I’m interested to see where I’ll be. I’m only 3.4 pounds away from the 80 pound mark so I’m close but I don’t know if will happen this week. I was hoping to get a work out in today but it didn’t happen so we’ll see where I’m at on Sunday. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 187: Saturday Fun Stuff

  1. Just making sure: by ‘grill shopping’ you mean one of those big devices for the backyard that allows you to cook food over a flame, right? Because if you mean metallic, bejeweled teeth decorations, than you should definitely check out the website where I buy ALL my grills:

    You’re welcome.
    Keep it up!

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