Day 188: 30th Weigh In


So this week’s weigh in did not goes as planned. On Friday, I was stupid and I weighed in the morning to see how I was doing for the week and I was down to 278. Now I know what you are thinking “Nathan, you shouldn’t do that! It’s  bad for you…. other stuff” Well, if you read my blog, you would know it’s an issue I have and I need to stop some how. I thought if I weighed it would help me stay good during the weekend. Instead, I rationalized a lot of stuff and I paid dearly. This week I lost .2 pounds which is pitiful. I know most of that is retained water, but it’s still really frustrating to me. I should have stayed off the scale and kept on guard and I would be down at least 2 pounds. I’m just really mad at myself because I screwed myself over. What’s even worse is that I worked out hard both of the days I went to the gym this week so I feel like that went down the drain. I hate learning experiences.

Breakfast: didn’t eat it. Not because of the weight loss, but I was just in a really bad funk this morning and frankly I was still full from last night (not a good sign.)

Lunch: As always, we were in a huge crunch for time today so we went to Panera for lunch since it was close to Publix. I did the Pick Two and had the sesame Asian chicken salad with broccoli and cheese soup. I know I know, I was clashing food cultures like a boss, but it was good all the same. When I got home and check up the nutritional facts, my meal had 8 grams of saturated fat and .5 grams of trans fats!!!!!! What the crap? Nothing pisses me off more than places that claim to be a healthy alternative and you have trans fats in your food! Panera, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. You make me sad. Lunch was 12 points.



Snack: After I went up to school to work on a take home test (yeah it doesn’t make any sense to me either) I had a Chobani to hold me over until dinner. Pomegranate, you are beautiful. 3 points.









Dinner: So for dinner we decided to try something a little different. A while back, we bought a tube of Gimme Lean veggie ground “beef” so from Publix so we made spaghetti and meatballs. The meat is really cheap and really low in points! Dinner was only 10 points with a spinach salad with grape tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.






Dessert: This evening, Megan made us strawberry shortcake with angel food cake. It was a great 3 points with fat free cool whip and fresh Florida strawberries. It went perfect with a cup of decaf coffee too!

So today I’m at 28 points which isn’t entirely a bad thing. I should have drank a little more water today but that’s how it goes. This week I’m going to work out more and try stay with in our points. Luckily, we have some awesome plans laid out which will make it a lot easier to avoid eating out. We’ll see how this goes. See ya tomorrow.


One more thing! Happy Birthday to my awesome blogging buddy Jennifer at A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes! You are a stud and it’s been awesome watching you progress in your weight loss journey. Keep up the awesome work.


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