Day 195: Back in Town

Sup yo!

Megan and I spent the weekend out in the woods in central Florida with our campus ministry group for a weekend retreat. We had a blast just hanging out with friends and enjoying nature. So now we’re back and charged up for the rest of the semester.

Breakfast: For breakfast I had a bagel thin with a point of WW cream cheese. The breakfast spread was mostly muffins and other weird stuff, but luckily, our awesome friend Becky had brought a bunch healthy alternatives. So I had that and two glasses of OJ. It was about 6 points.

Lunch: When we were driving back to Tallahassee, we went to Cracker Barrel. As you may recall, I’ve been against them since they haven’t officially posted their nutritional info. Luckily though, I found a third party online that had some information. ( has it so that seems pretty credible.) Anyways, I had the multigrain pancakes with bacon and egg beaters. I also tried the sugar free syrup which was only 10 calories for the bottle. It’s obviously on the best syrup in the world, but it definitely did the trick. I also had 2 biscuits which were good but a little high in points (3 points a biscuit) So lunch was about 14 points.



Snack: When we got back in to Tallahassee, it was time for a snack. We decided to hit up Yogurt Mountain. I was good for a change and had yogurt and fruit instead of yogurt and ever candy topping under the sun. It was a lot lighter and I didn’t feel bogged down after. The yogurt was low in calories and fat free! (Winning!) It was only about 3 points.





Dinner: Neither of us were really in the mood to cook, so we both had a microwavable meal. I had an Amy’s Veggie Tamale that was okay, but not great. Either way it was only 5 points so not that bad for a lot of food.

So today I got to about 28 points which isn’t bad at all. Tomorrow I’m going to weigh in. I have no clue how it will go because I’ve been sick all week and the food at the retreat wasn’t the healthiest. We’ll just see what happens. See ya tomorrow.


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