Day 196: Special Monday Weigh In!

What’s Up G?

So I really hadn’t a clue how this weeks weigh in was going to go but I have to say it went out better planned. I lost 4.8 pounds! Holy Coke. I don’t know how, but it totally worked out! I’m now down to 275.4 pounds.

Know why that’s awesome?

A) I have lost 81 pounds total which is sooooo close to 100 pounds!

B) I’m in the 270’s


C) The last time I was on a scale and it said 275, Clinton was in office and I was in 8th grade. It’s been a long time. Holla.

Next week, prepare for another awesome weigh in.

Breakfast: I went with the Wafflewich because they are awesome and delicious. So awesome. 5.5 points.

Lunch: I got up to the Capitol a little early so I went to the Capitol Grill and attacked the salad bar. It was pretty epic and about 8 points.







Snack: I had a cinnamon toast wafflewich with pb and awesomeness. 4.5 points.

Dinner: We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and it was soooo good. We split a calzone and a brushetta with balsamic vinegar on a bed of spring mix. It was about a 13 points meal which works because it was a ton of food. (And yes, I have a hot wife.)










So today I got to 31 points so I’m on point. Sorry this is  brief post. See ya tomorrow.


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