Day 197: Tuesday Edition

I sound like a hybrid of Chewbacca and Gallum right now. It’s not pretty. I’m ready to get healthy so I can actually go work out. For once, that’s the thing I hate the most about being sick (it use to be my favorite excuse.) Anyways, overall it’s been a pretty good day.

Breakfast: Wafflewich. What else is new? 5.5 points

Lunch: Megan and I met up and went to the Filipino food trailer (it is as shady as it sounds) by campus. We both had the chicken adobo combo with an egg roll (or whatever the Filipino variation is called.) It was a pretty good lunch, but the rice was a little mushy. Around 12 points






Dinner: In an attempt to clean out our freezer, we had some spaghetti with some Publix soy ground meat that we bought a while back. It was pretty good (could have used cheese, but what are you going to do?) And it was a pretty low cal and low fat dinner. 7 points

Snack: I had a cinnamon toast wafflewhich for a snack/dessert. 4 points





Dessert: I had half a toasted almond cake and a cappuccino. I’m not sure how bad it was but it was delicious.

Snack: I had 5 points of leftover spaghetti.

So today was bad. Awe well. See ya tomorrow.


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