Day 207: The Time I Got Pink Eye Edition

[Enters nurse stage right]
[Nathan takes off sunglasses]
“Ouch! Pink eye!”
“No no no you don’t understand, I had something in my eye last night and I couldn’t get it out…”
[Nurse leaves]
[Enters doctor stage right]
“Oh man… you have pink eye”
“Dang it!”

This is how my afternoon went. No bueno. I couldn’t blog last night because I couldn’t open my left eye. It was gnarly and gross and now… it still is. I’m ready to stop being ill, with this upcoming week being the last week of school the last thing I need is for my body to be out of whack.  Awe well. I have the weekend and hopefully it will help the process. Alright, food time.

Breakfast: I just had a wafflewich for 5.5 points.

Lunch: The other day Megan bought some Buitoni tortellini so we had that with some spinach and cheese marinara sauce. It was delicious and 9 points. 

Comfort Food Snack: After both of us went to our respective doctors, we needed some comfort food to make life feel a little better. We went to Wendy’s for a frosty and some fries. I just got a small frosty and we split an order of small fries. This was a far cry from what I would of had back in the day. The only race I used win was drinking milkshake races at Whataburger with my friends. Hooray. Anyways, a small frosty is 7 points and half a small fry is 3.5 points so not bad and it could have been way worse.

Dinner: Megan made these awesome flat bread pizzas with Flat Out flatbread (BOGO at Publix, Holla!) and soy pepperonis that were only 50 calories and .5 grams of fat. A whole flat bread pizza was only 4 points so with some salad with balsamic vinegar was an awesome dinner. 

Snack: (Sorry if this picture gets burned in to your mind and it gives you nightmares) Megan (did I mention my wife is super awesome?) made some rice krispy treats that were super delicious. That much of rice krispy is only 1 point. Pretty cool stuff.

So today I got to 31 points even today which isnt bad since it involved a frosty and fries. Good times. See ya tomorrow.


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