Day 215: Im Back!!!!!!

In case you forgot, my name is Nathan MacDonald and this is my blog. Nice to meet you.

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week. It was the last week of classes and I had two massive papers due on the same day. I’ve written and read a crapton this semester. Hooray fro grad school. Anyways, I just have a final on Thursday and then my first year of grad school will be done!

So I was sick with a bad cold, got better from that, got pink eye, got rid of that, and then I had a mutant canker sore (100% from stress) right next to my molars so eating anything hard was so much pain. A lot of this week I have been eating soft foods like mushy rice and beans. It has been a lot better today, but that had a lot to do with what I ate which I have a feeling will playing in to my weight numbers this week. My weight has super fluctuated this week and however bad it is tomorrow I have the summer (and the rest of my life) to make up for it. If I gain, how could I be mad? It will be Easter, and we have A LOT to celebrate that day.

Breakfast: I actually got to sleep in today (which hasn’t happened at all this semester) so I got up and made some bacon and eggs. According to Megan, it was the best breakfast she has ever eaten. Anyways, it was a pretty big breakfast and so it was 10 points. I think I was starving.

Lunch: Before heading over to Megan’s departments end of the semester party, we went to Subway to get some lunch. We split Subway and it rocked. 8 points.

Party/Dinner: The party was delicious. There is always a bounty of delicious ethnic foods so it was hard not to try everything. Overall, what I ate wasn’t too bad… except for the 3 blondies I ate. Oh, and cold sesame noodles which were basically peanut butter and  ramen. The food wasn’t bad per se, but my portion control was just off today. I avoid eating cookies and brownies usually, but I think today I was just so relieved after 72 hours of straight stress and writing about Cold Stone (yes, I wrote a 18 page strategic marketing plan about Cold Stone yesterday Ironic huh?) I was just ready to indulge a little bit.

Workout: I haven’t had a chance to workout at all this week, even though I desperately wanted to. Luckily, Leach was open so I headed over there while Megan was working on her mutant papers. The gym traffic was light, as expected, so I hopped on an elliptical and went to town, I did a cross training program for 40 minutes. I was going at it pretty hard, but then I realized the girl next to me, who got on around the same time as me, had burned a good hundred some calories more than me. Not to be outdone, I added more resistance so I would work harder. That’s how I burned a beastly 601 calories in 40 minutes. Thanks random girl next to me on the elliptical for unintentionally pushing me harder. When I got home I had some rice krispies.

Non Scale Victory: This is a weird thing to celebrate, but today it’s my shadow. (Yes, my shadow.) My shadow was always a reminder of how big I was, I would look down at my arms, think “oh, I’m not that big! I’m fine! [Insert other naive comments here]” but then I would see my shadow and think “well.. this sucks.” It never lied, it always showed who I was and what I looked like. Also, it was always round. Very round. Today while at the party, I looked down at my shadow and I didn’t recognize it, my shoulders were a square shape and I wasn’t near as wide. It was pretty insane. So no matter what happens with the weigh in tomorrow, it could be worse, I could be round. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 215: Im Back!!!!!!

  1. I love your blog. You are just too cute. Congrats on your NSV & workout. I am a firm believer that I’m not going to miss out on life, I am going to lose weight and get healthier but not be a total nazi about it and miss awesome experiences, because of my issues with food. I have my entire life because this is not a diet.

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