Day 218: Tuesday of Finals


It’s been a pretty good day! I’ve been studying really hard so between that and grading my week is set. I’m just ready to get this semester over with. Fun stuff. Anyways…

Breakfast: I had the breakfast of champions: pomegranate chobani and an english muffin with honey. It was awesome and really charged me up for racquetball. 4 points

Exercise: For the first time since… well, you can look it up (whoever does gets a gold star!) I got to play racquetball! I’ve really missed playing so last night I sent out a Facebook challenge for anyone brave enough to take me on. Within 5 minutes I got a call from Adam, our campus minister at church. We had a blast! I won 3 games to 2 so it was a blast. Fun stuff.

Breakfast II: When I got back from racquetball, I had another english muffin with almond butter. I think I have a news love, and her name is almond butter. 3 points

Lunch: After studying until around 2:00, I went over to Jimmy John’s for some sub awesomeness. I went with the veggie without the mayo and one of their awesome whole pickles. Since I ate it at home, I just put some light mayo on and it tasted just as epic. 9 points.

Snack: while grading, I had a bowl of rice krispies. Only 3 points. 

Dinner: Megan’s class of four had their big final presentation tonight so they decided to go to Mellow Mushroom. (I know, poor me. Mellow Mushroom twice in 24 hours. Ah, the life I live.) Anyways, it was $5 cheese calzone night so we ate really cheap! 13 points.

So today I got to 32 points which is over but I’m getting closer to getting back to my 30 point allotment. I really need to get it back down so I can actually lose weight! Tomorrow is going to be better. See ya tomorrow.

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