Day 223: Weigh In Day With Some Other Stuff Going On

So today has been a pretty insane day. The one minute you’re watching Cinderella Man and the next you’re watching the president giving details about how Osama Bin Laden was killed. As an aspiring social media guru, it was interesting to watch how certain people reacted to the death of a man who has murdered so many people during his lifetime. Although there was some discussion in the living room I was in, most of the dialog involved relaying humorous tweets or breaking news to the rest of the room. The organic conversation was there, but not the way it would have been if there wasn’t 3G or WiFi available.

I did not celebrate the death of a man I have never met, nor will I ever celebrate the death of anyone, but the death of Osama symbolizes different things to so many people. I think President Obama said it best when he called for America to become united the same way we were after 9/11. I really hope at least that good will come out of something like this.

Alright, shifting gears.

So this past week I really didn’t think I was going to lose any weight. It was an up and down week with finals and a ton of other stressors. However, whatever work I did paid off. I lost 1 pound even! It’s not much, but it was one pound more than I thought I was going to lose. This week, prepare for some super big number! Maybe I’ll finally get in to the 260’s!!!!

Breakfast: I kept it simple and had a pomegranate chobani and an english muffin. Pretty awesome 4 points. 

Lunch: After church, Megan had this awesome idea to make taco salad for lunch. (I married her for her smart ideas like having taco salad.) We cut up some iceberg lettuce, cooked some grassfed beef with taco seasoning and cooked some black beans and combined them together for a symphony of happiness. I added some sour cream and salsa to the mix and the circle was complete. It was 11 points.

Dessert: While we were out and about gathering stuff for our Disney trip, (oh yeah we are going to Disney) we went over to Nuberri for some yogurt. I was good and avoid the candy and other indulgences. Instead, I had some taro with a little cake batter with some strawberries and a few chocolate sprinkles to make it feel like I was actually eating chocolate. (Jedi Mind Trick No. 47.) It was a delicious 4 points.

Starbucks: Later, we went to Starbucks and I had some “Dirty Coffee.” Hooray for 3 points.

Dinner: Before hanging out with some of our friends, we had leftover taco salad. Another 11 points.

So today I got to 33 points so 3 points over but I ate pretty healthy and overall pretty well. Quite an interesting day. See ya tomorrow.


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