Day 224: First Monday of the Summer Edition

Let the summer fun begin…

Today was the first official day of summer and it was pretty awesome since we were getting ready for out trip to Disney!!! Needless to say we are pretty stoked to get out of town and to just take it easy for a while (In this context, “take it easy” is defined as fighting off Euro trash from cutting in line at Splash Mountian.) Anyways, so at this point, like the kid in the commercial, I am too excited to sleep!

Breakfast: I had a wafflewich. Can you say… YUM!!!!!!!!!! 5 points

Snack: I had Christian Nachos (matzo and laughing cow) twice today so I’ll just put it right now 4 points

Lunch: Before we went out and about, we had a Kashi pizza which is good in theory but not really that filling which sucks because it was 9 points.

Snack: We went to Earth Fare to get some trail mix for the trip (we are going to be eating well on our trip!) and Megan found some Newman’s Own dark chocolate that was on sale. I had half of the bar which was 3 points.

Snack: Publix had a deal on Odwalla (which I’ve always wanted to try) so I bought a superfood drink and a chocolate protein drink. I had the superfood one which was epically delicious and 3 points.

Dinner: We haven’t had our awesome creamy stovetop mac and cheese in a looooong time so we finally made it again tonight. I never thought mac and cheese and broccoli would go together, but brother let me tell you it is something special for your mouth. I had a serving and a half with a lot of broccoli for 9 points.

So today I got to 33 points again so basically I just need to cut out one extra snack a day (or not eat non-filling pizza) and I will be okay everyday. I’ll definitely work on the because I WANT TO LOSE SOME MORE WEIGHT! PPPPPPIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA. See ya tomorrow.


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