Day 229: Back To Life, Back To Reality Edition

Why hello there!

I know I know, I missed you too. It has been a crazy week full of good intentions of blogging while on vacation and sending you videos of awesome things and stuff like that, but alas that didn’t happen. It wasn’t for a lack of motivation, but more of a lack of energy after days of walking a crapton of miles while running over foreigners and slow moving people in wheelchairs. We had a blast on our trip though, the crowds were relatively light, the weather was perfect and we made it on all the rides we were hoping too. As far as food went, we packed our lunches a few days, I ordered a kids meal and we split a few meals which really helped, but some indulging did go down. If you haven’t been, Disney is pretty unhealthy but in the sinful delicious way we all love. From French pastries to a cheeseburger at 11:00 at night, I bent some of my eating rules while not completely breaking them. I split a pastry with Megan and instead of fries with the cheeseburger, I opted for the apple slices. It’s hard at Disney because you walk so freakin’ much (we walked about 32 miles this week) that you get really hungry and unless you have a lot of snacks it’s easy to cave and get some caloric bombshell.

With that all being said, I think I’ve made a lot of progress since back in the days of the 350’s; I’ve changed my mindset with how to handle certain situations. I used to just justify my poor food decisions with an intention of denial, back then I would have said “Oh, I can get the apple slices and then that offsets the burger so I’m okay.” (For some reason, people think that fruits and veggies have these magical powers to undo any greasy thing eat.) I wouldn’t acknowledge that it was a bad decision/situation which snowballs in to size 54 pants rather quickly. Now, it’s more about damage control. My mindset now it “okay, I know this is a bad situation (cheeseburger at 11 pm) but how can I modify the meal to make it bearable?” So that’s what I do know instead of just saying “everything will be fine.” Whenever you’re in a situation like that, think about how you can make it better.

Alright, now that we have that all squared away, let’s talk about today!

Breakfast: Wafflewich, old friend I have missed you. 5.5 points

Lunch: So we bought these awesome bowls from the Japanese Pavilion at Epcot that had Owls inside so what better way to try them out than with tomato soup and grilled cheese! Instead of schlacking the bread with a ton of butter, I just gave them a few spritzes with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! spray and it worked just fine! I also made this a salad with trail mix and FF honey mustard dressing. It was a light but very hearty lunch for 9.5 points. 

Workout/NSV: Today was the start of our Super Awesome Workout Summer (S.A.W.S.) Our objective is to workout six times a week in the morning before my classes to get trim and healthy. I’m in a desperate need of getting toned and I’m really ready to break the century mark so needless to say we are both really stoked for this summer! We went to Leach and got a really good workout in to ease the blow of this week. I also got a new Under Armour shirt at the outlet mall in Orlando as an weight loss goal reward. I bought my first UA workout shirt in 2009 that was an XXXL and it was still a little tight in some places. This one is an XL and it actually fits. I was really stoked because the XXL’s were too big! What the crap? I haven’t crossed the “Only XL t-shirts fit” threshold yet, but it’s on the horizon and that is going to be huge because I have been wearing XXL’s since the 5th grade. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah! At Leach I hit the elliptical for 35 minutes on a cross-training program and then I did an arms and abs workout for about 4o minutes. I think the plan for the summer is to start out with cardio everyday and then alternate arms/legs/core workout. Maybe a class thrown in there somewhere. Anywho, I had a really good workout and burned a good chunk of calories. Good workout indeed. (PS, I don’t know why I have such a serious/constipated look on my face in that picture.)

Snack: After Leach, we went through the drive through at Starbucks for their buy one get one half off on frappuccinos. We both got the Strawberries and Cream with soymilk and no whip. It was delicious and I didn’t miss the whip at all. It was still 4 points but wasn’t bad for a frappucino. I used to get the Venti with whip and regular milk which was a crapton of calories and fat (the whip cream alone is a nightmare.) It was a nice afternoon snack.

Snacking again: I had a thing of matzos with some laughing cow cheese and then had some popcorn before dinner. 5 points. 

Dinner: Megan has been Jonesin’ to make this Southwest Quinoa recipe so she finally made it tonight and it was the bomb diggity yo! (Yes… that good.) It was basically quinoa, black beans, corn, cilantro and cayenne so it was only 2 point for 1/2 cup! It’s easily the most filling meal for the points I have ever had. I had 2 cups which was 8 points. It really filled me up. A super win of a meal.

So today I got to 32 points which isn’t bad considering I have some exercise points. Tomorrow I have a weigh in that once again I don’t know where I stand. I haven’t been on the scale at all this week which has really helped keep my sanity. That is another big goal I have this summer, not to be obsessed with knowing what I weigh every five seconds, it just makes you feel like crap and it doesn’t do any good. Anyways, I am cautiously optimistic that the walking will help but we will just have to see. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 229: Back To Life, Back To Reality Edition

  1. I want this Southwest Quinoa recipe, please! Also, where will I find Quinoa in the grocery store? I’ve heard a lot about it and want to give it a go!

  2. I know it is in the Greenwise section at Publix but we bought it in bulk at Earth Fare. I’ll send you the recipe!

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