Day 230: Weigh In After Vacation!

What is up yo!?!

So even after a week of being at Disney and indulging like a boss, I’m starting the summer of right! I lost 2.2 pounds this week!!! I don’t know how it happened (it must have been all the walking and my super workout yesterday) but it happened and I am inching my way to breaking the 100 pound mark soon! With today’s weigh in, I have lost a total of 87 freakin’ pounds and am 13.6 pounds away from 100 pounds! I have a date in mind of when I want to break it by but we will just see what happens.

Yesterday, Megan and I committed ourselves to working out about six times a week and eating healthy in order to drop as much weight as possible this summer. We are calling it Super Awesome Workout Summer otherwise known as SAWS!!!! (You have to yell the abbreviation when you say it.) We also created a SAWS Facebook group for others like us who want to drop some lb’s this summer as a place for support, tips and recipes or even a place to just vent. We are already at 20 people which is really awesome! If you want to join, request to be added (I think you might have to be my friend on Facebook, if so add me as a friend.) Search for it on Facebook as “Super Awesome Workout Summer (SAWS!!!!!)” I hope you will get on board for a summer of getting your health back on the right track!

Anyways, about today…

Breakfast: Although I am a huge fan of the wafflewich, I needed to try something a little different this morning. So I went back to a staple and had Kashi Go Lean Berry Crisp cereal. I must have been really hungry because I had 2 servings so breakfast was 7 points which is high but it was really filling.

Lunch: After church, we kept it simple and had southwest chicken soup, salad with dijon and trail mix and a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch. It was really good. I really love putting trail mix on my salad. It’s a beautiful marriage of leafy and hearty. 10.5 points. 

Snack: I had some matzos with some laughing cow cheese for 3 points. 

Dinner: I had to fend for myself for dinner so I searched in the depths of our freezer and pantry and got a little creative. I had two veggie chicken sandwiches on expired english muffins and some Cape Cod reduced fat chips. It turned out to be a pretty good 6 point dinner.

Snack: I had a couple banana chips (like 4) and a little peanut butter which was about 2 points.

So today I got to about 28.5 points which it’s probably a little more than that since I might be wrong about the banana chips and peanut butter but regardless I did pretty well today. SAWS!!!! JOIN NOW! See ya tomorrow.


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