Day 232: Tuesday Fantastico!

Good Golly Miss Molly it is Tuesday!

Intro/Workout: I hope yall are doing well! It was day 3 of SAWS today and it rocked. I thought getting up early for a second day in a row was going to be a nightmare but it turned out really well. We got to the gym around 6:45ish so we didn’t have as much time today but we hopped to it. After a quick warm up on the treadmill (Leach finally has new treadmills FINALLY!) I did a beastly arm workout that my friend Kyle showed me how to do along with cable pulls and other fun stuff like that. I worked on arms for around 45 minutes then I went to my old nemesis: (and I’m sure yours as well) the Stairmaster. I was going to do about 15 minutes but in to minute 8 my calf suddenly cramped up so I just called it good then. I’m not sure why it happened, I had been drinking water all morning but fun stuff like that happens. Anyways, tomorrow I’m working my core which really really really needs it. My torso is my last big problem area (man boobs, gut, and all) so I’m making a plan of attack to flatten it all out. Thanks to my peeps on SAWS (have you joined yet?) They sent me some really good core workouts from P90x and even the SEALS training. (And we all know how good the SEALS are at dominating enemies. I’m not comparing my torso region to Osama Bin Laden… oh wait, I kinda am.)

Breakfast: Before the workout, I had a bowl of Kashi to get the day started right 4 points and then after workout I ran home before my 9:00 class and had a wafflewich (last waffles in the box. Sad days 😥 ) and that was 5.5 points.

Lunch: While we were at Earth Fare the other day, Megan found this Veggie Chicken Thai meal for one that was being discontinued so I got it. Some rice in microwavable meals is really gross, but this one was actually really good. It was long grain jasmine which smelled and tasted awesome. Unfortunately, the sauce for the “chicken” was really lacking. There was no “umf” or flavor to it so it was disappointing. Of course though, like how it always goes, it was high in calories and sodium. Why are meal mistakes always really bad for you too. Hooray for insult to injury. It was 8 points but awe well. It’s being discontinued for a reason. For a snack after lunch I had matzos and laughing cow cheese for 3 points. 

Freebie Snack: While I was reading for my class, I was really hungry because lunch sucked so I had some baby carrots that really filled me up! Hooray for real food! They were also no points!!! Huzzah!

Afternoon Snack: So instead of dropping money and calories on the idol Starbucks today, Megan made some fruit smoothies (you know… with fruit) instead. She made use strawberry-bananasmoothies with an orange juice base and they were awesome!!! How could it be better you ask? How about it was only 2 points! 

Dinner: We had leftover chili so we put what was left on some chips, added a little cheese and sour cream and had nachos. It was the bee’s knee’s yo! (Seriously though, it rocked.) It was 9.5 points and then for a snack later I had 2 points worth of almonds.

So today I got to 32 points which with exercise points I am well within my limit. With working out everyday now I’m having to figure out how to get the most filling food for my points. To be honest, only having 30 points really sucks so for the rest of this week I’m going to try to figure those things out so I don’t get burned out in a week or so. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 232: Tuesday Fantastico!

  1. Hey Nathan, Brian Martinez here.

    I’m sure you already know the ins and outs of nutrition already, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate that high protein foods tend to stick to your ribs longer than low protein ones. I’m not sure what all the rules are for Weightwatchers, but beans are a great source of protein, and put some rice on the side with them and they can be a very filling, and relatively healthy, addition to a meal. I’ll sometimes even make rice and beans the main part of a meal.

    A bonus with the beans is when you prepare them from scratch. You can put dry pinto beans in a crock pot overnight with 3 cups of water for every cup of beans, and they’ll usually be ready in 6-8 hours. By preparing them yourself, you can control how much salt (and other spices and seasonings) you put into them, which can make them much healthier than what you buy in a can. A tip for seasoning them: don’t put salt and stuff on the beans until about 30-60 minutes before you are done cooking them, otherwise the salt can make the beans hard.

    Eggs are great for protein, too; combine with some rice and beans and you’re set for a while. During the past semesters, my standard fare for breakfast was some rice, beans, and two eggs over easy. I would usually try to eat around 6:00 AM and that meal would usually last me until about noon—6 hours of being satisfied!

    You’re doing great, man! Your blog is an inspiration!


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