Day 240: Tuesday Coolsday

(I’m running out of title ideas. Any suggestions?)

So today started off on an awkward foot. I slept for what felt like 2 hours last night and when I woke up to my first alarm at 5:30, I kept hitting the snooze button instead of going for a morning run. Instead of actually sleeping, I kept having dreams about working out (not like in a kinky weird way but regardless it was still bizarre.) Anyways, when you get out of an established rhythm it really messes up your day so that made the day just topsy turvy.

Breakfast: Since the gym was not going to happen, I made breakfast for us and just enjoyed another beautiful Tallahassee morning. Gotta love the classic bacon and eggs. 7 pounds.

Lunch: We had the classic flatout pizza. It was pretty awesome. I also had baby spinach salad with some light Ken’s Balsamic/Olive Oil dressing. It was a 10 point lunch with the dressing.

Workout: We did another run/hike through the park behind our house that is straight steep hills. We did a total of about 2.4 miles and we shaved off our time from the other day so it was a pretty good workout but I’m really ready to get in the gym tomorrow and do some serious cardio.

Snack: I had some nuts for 4 points.

Dinner: We went over to our campus minister’s house for dinner and we had spaghetti. The spaghetti was great, but the bread was dangerously delicious. I had three pieces of bread so that was rough but oh boy was it good. After dinner, we all grazed on this awesome fruit plate with a dip that was marshmallow fluff, cream cheese and some other awesome ingredients. I overdid it on the dip but again: boy was it good.

So today was rough but that’s how it went. I don’t think I really went over in points, but like I’ve said it’s just been an off day. Here’s for a better Wednesday (that will be wordless!) See ya tomorrow.


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