Day 242: Thursday Stuff

What is up G!?!

So I’m basically a third of the way done with my summer class! Pretty legit. I finally saw the Green Hornet and it freakin’ rocked! But enough about me.

Breakfast: So I got up for class and quickly made an egg since we didn’t have milk for cereal. I got cocky and tried to flip the egg like I was a regular Emeril and partially cooked egg landed all over the stove. Anywho, breakfast was 3 points.

Lunch: When I got home from class, I made up for my eggtastrophe and made lunch. I made a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with some Campbells tortilla soup. Lunch was really light and really good! 5.5 points.

SAWS!!!! For my workout today, I went over to Leach and did a pretty solid core workout. The gym wasn’t as packed which was nice so I did everything I needed to. I held off on the elliptical today and instead jogged to the FSU library which was just half a mile but it worked.

Snack: I had some almonds and a Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey pack so 5 points of snackage in the afternoon.

Dinner: Megan made the super awesome Southwest quinoa for dinner and it was even better than last time! By dinner time, I was ready to dominate. Half a cup is only two points so I had 12 points worth (yeah… I was hungry.) It was a killer dinner.

Dessert: After the movie, instead of going out for yogurt, Megan had an awesome idea to go to Publix and but some lite ice cream options. We got some fat free Blue Bell yogurt, some lite chocolate syrup, fat free whip cream and some sugar cone. I even added half a banana to mine. My sundae was 7 points which was awesome!

So today I got to 32.5 points which will work! See ya tomorrow.

(For all of you at Fitbloggin’ have a blast! Maybe I’ll get to go next year!)


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