Day 237: Never Been a Fan of Mondays

It’s Monday… Awesome.

Today, I had a bad feeling that life was going to throw me a curveball after celebrating my big accomplishment. Long story short, for some stupid reason thanks to the Financial Aid office at FSU, I can’t use the gym at FSU for around 72 hours until tuition goes through. Awe well. So I need to get creative to workout for now. Today I didn’t workout really so I’m going to make up for it the rest this week to lose some more weight.

Breakfast: I just had a big bowl of Kashi because I had a feeling class was going to be rough and what do you know! It was :/ 7 points

Lunch: I just made some tuna salad with hellmans, pickles and a little spicy brown mustard. It was awesome. 6 points

Snack: Megan bought some low cal Jell-O pudding and it was pretty good! (That is my creepy pudding face from the commercial.) It is only 1 point for a cup!I also had a 100 calorie light mocha frap for 2 points.

Exercise? I went for a swim for a while but ended up just soaking up some sun by the pool (hey, I live in Florida. It’s what we do!)

Dinner: This weekend, we bought a two pack NY Strip Steak that was on sale at Publix. We split one of them on Saturday, and I cooked it up today for fajitas! We also bought some red peppers from the farmers market so I cooked them up with a vadilia onion. It turned out really well. We had enough for two burritos each so dinner was a super filling 10 points.

Dessert: This evening we went to see Pirates 4 (which was good but not great) so when we got home I had a 6 point sundae with lite chocolate syrup and this raspberry syrup that we bought this weekend that is made in Thomasville. Pretty awesome.

So today was alright, I got to 32 points so not bad. I’m ready for this week to turn around. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 237: Never Been a Fan of Mondays

  1. Sounds like someones got a case of the mundays! Just kidding, I have shown your latest pic to the coots at coffee and they are all really impressed and proud of you. As am I.

  2. Your pictures always crack me up!!! Your fajitas look delicious!!! That totally sucks you can’t use the gym! Swimming is awesome exercise though! I wish our YMCA had an outdoor pool, though it’s awesome that we can swim laps in the competition pool and the kiddies have their own pool. Looking forward to see how you get creative with your fitness! Keep up the awesome work!

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