Day 242: Back From a Bizzare Hiatus


it’s been Wednesday…


sorry about that.

It’s been just a weird week. I don’t really know why. Sunday was such a high point in my weight loss journey and then the rest of the week went downhill in a frustrating fashion. Awe well. Overall, the week food and workout wise was actually pretty good. I worked out six times this week and each workout was around 500-700 calories so you could say I was a SAWS whore this week. Food wise was pretty good, except on Thursday we went to this place called Leola’s Crab Shack with our friends Emily and Jacob that is known to have the best crabs in the state. We had garlic and fried crabs with fried shrimp too. It was awesome but it was also sodiumlicious. Before we went I had burned like 750 calories and then on friday I burned around 650 so hopefully it evened it out a little. Anyways, let’s talk about today.

Breakfast: I had some chocolate rice cakes. I was going to make breakfast but we got up late so that worked.

Lunch: We went over to Earth Fare for some fresh awesomeness and it rocked. Earth Fare has an awesome hot and cold bar which is a little expensive but it’s a nice treat every once in a while. They had my favorite vegetarian food in the whole world: soy nuggets. They had them in a sweet chili sauce and in a pesto too! The salad today was a bed of spinach with feta and chicken. It was legit.

Snack: While Megan was helping her friend Sam pick out a wedding dress (congrats sam and justin!) I went over to Starbucks to work on some homework. I had an iced coffee with a pump of mocha and a splash of non fat milk. It was really good and perfect for a hot day. (It wasn’t as hot as Abilene, TX where it was 110 today though so I can’t complain.)


Dinner: We went to Red Elephant for dinner to celebrate our friend Tony’s birthday. I had the Oriental salad with seared tuna. The soy ginger vinaigrette is soooo good. Pretty awesome salad.

Dessert: After Red Elephant, we went to Nuberri for some frozen yogurt. I was trying to be good and just have yogurt with no toppings, instead I just got a lot of yogurt. I didn’t eat all of it though so it wasn’t too bad.

Non Scale Victory: My debit card is pretty old so sometimes it doesn’t work. Tonight, it was acting up so the guy asked to see my ID which the picture on it was taken last July. When I showed it, I thought he kind of did a double take but didn’t think much of it. Then when I got to my table, my friend Gerard was like “it looked like that guy did a double take when he looked at your ID.” That’s pretty legit if I’m pseudo not recognizable from last year. My drivers license expires in seven years so I guess I’ll have to get a new one before then so people know it’s actually me. Holla.

Workout: After dinner we had a little more than an hour until Leach closed so we went over for a last chance SAWS workout. I did another awesome cardio workout on the elliptical. The interval training program kept my heart rate up so I was burning calories like a boss! The gym closed at 9 and at 8:58 I was finishing up my cool down. The staff at the gym yelled at us from the first floor (I was on the third floor) to leave. I was like “we are coming!” Losers. Anyways, it was a pretty awesome workout.


So I’m not sure at all if I’m going to lose but I do have muscles in places where muscles were suppose to be. It’s been a building week so we will just see what happens. See ya tomorrow.








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