Day 250: Weekend Warrior

Hello Friends,

I hope you enjoyed my videos. The last one of the iPhone 4 unboxing is probably my favorite.

Lunch: Anyways, today was a pretty good. I got up at noon for the first time in forever (I must have been really tired.) So I woke up and I was like “Hmmm….. lunch time?” So I got in to the freezer and found this orange chicken smart one. It was awesome, especially when you eat it with chopsticks for it takes longer. It was 6 points.








Exercise: My friend Matt called me up for some frisbee golf and even though it was 1,000 degrees outside we went out. During the front nine the weather was fine but then these dark clouds came in and it started to thunder and lightning off in the distance. Then the wind started go all bonkers so we played a few holes on the back nine and called it good. It was fun to do some physical exercise that didn’t involve the gym.

Snack: When I got home, I had a serving of Cape Cod reduced fat mesquite bbq chips and a thing of chobani. 7 points





Dinner: For dinner I met up with my friend Andrea for some food at Cabo’s. I was in a Mexican mood tonight so I had the spinach enchiladas with black beans instead of refried beans. I took off the olives and some of the sour cream then I saved one of the enchiladas for later. It was a pretty good dinner.






Snack: When I got home a little later, I was still a little hungry so I had the other enchilada, but I was still hungry. I didn’t want to eat a lot but there just a lot of higher point things in the house. Then I remembered… WATERMELON!!! I forgot I had bought some last night in the fridge so I went AWOL on some watermelon awesomeness. What a great dessert.

So overall today wasn’t that bad food wise. I might have a pudding later but nothing to big. Tomorrow is weigh in and like always, I’m just not sure where I’m at. I have worked out and the food has been meh but the worst part is yesterday it felt like I hit a wall. It wasn’t anything food wise, more of a just being worn out from my weight loss journey. I don’t think about quitting, but just the grind of counting and blogging is just hard doing it daily sometimes. Today has been better though, hopefully I’ll get out of this funk soon. Fun stuff. See ya tomorrow.


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