Day 252: Monday Time People!

So this is the second to last week of summer school for me and it’s going to be a doozie. I’m really stoked for it to be over with, but it has been a really good session. Anyways, today has been pretty awesome. I worked hard physically and mentally. I wanted today to set the pace for this week because if I do what I did today, I’ll get everything done I need to and I might even lose some weight. Like said the other day on Facebook, I want the weight loss, but I really want to keep losing inches off my body like I have been. It’s been so awesome going in to stores and getting to buy what I like instead of what I have to because it fits. I feel like I’m on Biggest Loser at this point because of all of the added benefits that have come from this weight loss journey that go beyond the weight loss itself. Obviously getting the weight off in the end is the most important thing for me, but like on BL, I’ve gained a confidence I’ve never had, the clothing selection I’ve always wanted, (hopefully) providing inspiration for other people, and oh yeah losing a crapton of weight. Alright, let’s do some food stuff.

Breakfast: I got up early enough to make some good breakfast so I made a breakfast burrito. I scrambled two eggs, added a little cheese, and added loads of salsa (a dieter’s best friend.) It was alright, I was just ready for something different. Breakfast was 7 points which I knew was high, but in hindsight I’m glad I ate a higher point breakfast.



SAWS!: My class got out early (holla!) so I went straight over to Leach for some workout awesomeness (always leave some workout clothes in your backpack or car. You never know when you’ll get a chance to burn some calories!) Leach was pretty empty, so I got on a treadmill, chose the total body interval (which tells you to do stuff with your arms) and went to work. I stayed with it for 65 minutes of cardio awesomeness. Once I got in to my groove I was cruisin! I got 13 exercise points and burned 862 calories. I felt great after because I felt like I had really accomplished something. Holla for Super Awesome Workout Summer (SAWS!)

Lunch: When I got home, I didn’t want to eat something frozen, so instead I went for my staple of tuna salad. I have figured out my recipe once and for all and it’s epic! (Dill and paprika is where it’s at. Just saying.) Anyways so I had two sandwiches made from one can of tuna along with some Cape Cod reduced fat chips. The chips are 3 points for 23 chips so they really are the perfect crunchy side (except for carrots. But healthy things don’t count.) Lunch was 10 points.





Starbucks Time: I needed to get out of the house, so I went to Starbucks to work on a project. I had an iced coffee with a pump of mocha with a splash of half and half. It was an awesome 3 points.





Dinner: When I was working on homework, I was also working on plans for some dinner. I had these grandiose plans of making massive burritos like Chipotle with grilled steak and grill peppers, you know, the works. Well, I’m still trying to figure out my grill (mostly lighting the charcoal so it stays lit long enough to actually cook anything) so it still turned out well, but I didn’t really use the grill. Anyways, I made cilantro lime rice, black beans, and steak with a grilledish red pepper. It actually turned out pretty awesome and by that point I was just hungry so it all worked out. I had two burritos which was about 18 points which I know is bad, but it’s still not as bad as a real Chipotle burrito so it was a good splurge. (I used the term splurge lightly because it had fiber, healthy fat in the guac, protein, and a lot of veggies.)


So today I got to 38 points which is high, but I had the exercise points to it evened it out. Overall, I still feel like I have set the tone for the week and I’m ready to rock it. See ya tomorrow.


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