255: What a Day Edition

Hello early weekend! Hello spending the whole time on a research paper that is frustrating the tar out of me! I’ve been trying to work on this paper that’s due Tuesday about BP and their social media efforts (or lack there of) and it has been a pain trying to look through all of their tweets and statuses. It’s a combination of my computer just locking up when I’m a few months back and that they post something literally every hour now. I thought this wasn’t going to be that bad, but that’s the funny thing about research, it’s like the Bizarroworld of normal expectations.  So anyways, today has just been kind of a weird/off/I’m glad there is only an hour of it left/ kind of day. I’ll talk more about that in a bit…

Breakfast: So I was going to wake up at 6:15, go run and enjoy the morning. Well, I woke up to my alarm at 6:15 feeling great, but then I was like “well I need to sleep” so I went back to bed and I woke up feeling like complete garbage. Go figure right? So I got up, had some Chobani and granola, and went on with my day. 5 points.








Lunch: So I got home around 1 and I warmed up some Hebrew Nationals with leftover spaghetti-o’s. It was an awesomely delicious lunch. 8 points

After lunch I was a little hungry so I immediately ate some hummus and a pita while I should have just waited out a few minutes and I’m sure I would have been fine. Instead I ate it and I felt gross/too full after. That always sucks. 3 points.





Starbucks: While researching at Starbucks, I had a Skinny caramel macchiato which was as good as always. 3 points









Workout: So I had a rough day so I was ready for a good workout to calm myself down. I got to Leach and it was nightmarishly packed. I tried to do some weights but every 2 minutes it felt like people were coming up to me asking if I was done with a machine. It got annoying quick. Then I was doing some lumberjacks on a machine (pull down diagonally across your body) and one of the workers showed me a better way to do it. It was good for him to do and he was the first worker I’ve seen do that because I’m sure I’m still doing a ton of stuff wrong still. I just felt out of whack and like I had no clue what I was doing. So I went to a staple that I know I can handle. It was Stairmaster time! I did 17 minutes on level 7 (which I have never done) and it was painful but good. With 3 minutes left, my right calf started to cramp up so I slowed it down a little to stretch it out which helped but again it was just rough. I sweated like a stuffed pig which is what I needed today, a cathartic sweat. (Yes, that is all my sweat.)



Dinner: I had some leftover black beans so I cooked up some rice and had burritos again. It was fantastic and 10 points.







Dessert: I know I said I was going to cut back on dessert so I just had one today 🙂 I started working on research again and I kept having issues with my computer. Sometimes there are problems that only ice cream can solve. It wasn’t emotional eating per se, more of I need to get away from my computer or I’m going to go Office Space on it. It was still only 3 points so whatever.

Today I got to 32 points which is over but with the exercise I’m good. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “255: What a Day Edition

    • It’s the WW Cookies n’ Cream Ice cream bars. They are freakin’ awesome! I’ll take a picture of the box and send it to Adam.

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