Day 256: It’s Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday

Hooray for Friday!

Yes it is true. I’m glad it’s hear but that means class is almost done and then we will be going to Texas!!! (We we we we we so excited!) Anyways, today I felt really out of whack and I still haven’t really pinpointed what it is. I think I have this paper hanging over me and I’m really really really trying to work on it instead of waiting until the last day to work on it. Yet again, old habits die hard. So we will see. Tomorrow I plan on just locking myself in my house (go for a run in the morning) and then go bonkers on this thing so I can be on with my life! Plus, I keep worrying about if I’ve lost weight which in the past that has made the weight loss that week suck so whatever. This always happens at the end of a semester so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and then be better next week and really the rest of the summer when I’ll have nothing to do. Alright, enough whining. Let’s do this thang!

Breakfast: I cooked an egg over hard and then warmed up some fake sausage patties and had a sausage MacMuffin. It was awesome as always. 5 points.






Lunch: My college minister and I met up for lunch today and I suggested Mr. Roboto’s because I was jonesin’ for some curry. I had the red curry with tofu and it was awesome. Their tofu is like a fried egg and the broccoli soaks up all of the curry. It is a beautiful thing that makes me tear up just thinking about it. Adam and I had a great conversation so add that to some amazing curry it was a legit lunch. 12 points

Snack: At some point I had 1 point of chips (like a small handful.)


NSV: (Let me preface this by saying I don’t know why I look so morose in this picture.) So I was looking for a bowtie for a presentation I have for one of my classes and I ended up at Belk in the super ghetto mall in Tallahassee called the Tallahassee Mall. (Seriously, it’s really empty so you feel like the zombie apocalypse has happened so you and your friends are the only ones left alive. Anyways, what were we talking about?) So Belks is like a Dillard’s or a Macy’s so they have nice stuff and have killer sales (because the mall is dying.) They had a table of $40 dress shirts for $16 so I looked through them, and found one I was hoping would fit. The one I wanted was a 17 1/2 inch neck 32/33 arms. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit and I tried it on and it fit! In high school, I worked at a Van Huesen where the biggest size was an 18 inch and since I got a discount I wanted to buy some but all of them wouldn’t even button up! I have come a freakin’ long way. Today when I tried it on I was stoked, but it took me writing this to really appreciate this NSV. This is a pretty big deal for me. If that’s not motivation to keep going I don’t know what is.

Dinner: I went to dinner at our friends the Schuberts and we had Mexican! Ole! I just made a taco salad like I do at home with chips, black beans, a little cheese, lettuce, a little meat, and a ton of salsa. It was delicious I wish I would of had seconds. Anyways, there was birthday cake for their son Brett, but they also had some killer watermelon so I just had that instead of cake. I pretty good trade off. 8 points.



Dessert: I had a WW bar. 3 points of awesomeness.

So I’m at 29 points which is good since I didn’t work out. I’m going to go something physical tomorrow so I don’t go more crazy than an outhouse rat. (Yes, people actually say that.) See ya tomorrow.


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