Day 260:Tuesday Today!

No blog yesterday? Oops…

Sup yo!

Today has been a pretty awesome day. I had a big presentation for one of my classes and I survived without the teacher demolishing me with questions so that was helpful. Tomorrow I have one more presentation and I’ll be pretty much done! Hollaback girl!

Anyways, I’ve been to busy to go grocery shopping which has proven to be an issue. I’m running out of essentials so I am getting creative. It sucks because if you don’t have things like baby carrots, its hard not to eat something less filling and in turn more points. That’s really been my issue is that I’m eating things that aren’t as filling. I need to start working on that or I’m going to be in trouble.

Breakfast: For breakfast I was trying to make an ultimate breakfast sandwich and I think I succeeded. I cooked an egg white, microwaved two fake hot and spicy sausage patties, and a slice of cheese and put it on toast. It was beastly delicious and 6 points.






Lunch: I had some leftover spaghetti-o’s and grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing much to that lunch but it doesn’t negate its awesomeness. 6 points.

I then had 2 points of the Quakers choco choco chip rice thins (does anyone get that reference?)





Dinner: I just realized I didn’t really eat dinner. I guess it was the 5 steamed dumplings I had at 4:00. 5 points.

Exercise: Our college group had a poolside devo (hey.. this is Florida) and then swam after. I was in the pool for the better part of 2 hours and I was active for the majority of it. My friend Jonathan was out of the pool and he was throwing passes to me so I was running in the shallow end which is good exercise. We all had a blast.




Dessert: So after the pool we went to Yogurt Mountain for some lactose awesomeness. I had cookies n’ cream with some toppings. I didn’t get near as much this time so that really helped. I wasn’t sick after so that’s always a win. 4 points. (BTW the pink things are frosted animal crackers. Best decision since LeBron took his talents to South Beach (oh wait… sorry bad example.) #MiamiHeatGotBurned (that’s right, I just put a hashtag in my blog. I do what I want!)





Snack: I eluded to baby carrots earlier and here’s why. I have one more 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole and if I eat it with carrots, it’s only 2 points. Unfortunately, we have Cape Cod chips and not only is that combo gross, the points would go up. What’s a boy to do? So, instead I had a bowl of popcorn which worked, but carrots and guac sounded more filling and better. Awe well. 3 points

So today I got to 26 points? Hmm….. I’m not sure if that is right, but I think it is. O….kay. See ya tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Day 260:Tuesday Today!

  1. OH!!!!!!! I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!
    I had 3 slices of pizza for 12 points.
    I was at 38 points instead but with the swimming I’m still over but not by as much.
    No pic=no memory

  2. Holla! I am done with my summer course and couldn’t be happier! I wish our neighborhood had a pool, but I’m going to grab a swim tonight at the indoor pool at Y after some hip hop cardio! I’m often the same, if I forget to take a picture I forget I’ve eaten it! Boo!

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