Day 268: Travel Update


From the greeting, you might infer that I am in Texas (or I’m just bad at greetings) which would be correct. I am blogging live on location from the University of Texas at Austin. Growing up I was a huge Texas A&M fan so at first this was a little weird, but I got over it. Frankly in the caste system of colleges and college football, the University of Florida and Ohio State University are way lower on the proverbial totem pole than UT. (Oklahoma is down there too. What the crap is a Sooner anyway?)

Moving on… Megan is doing research on the composer Radie Britain (I don’t know who it is either) for her thesis so I am here as a research assistant/doing stuff on the Internet that doesn’t involve school because my brain still hurts from the semester.

Sorry it’s been a nutzo lack of blogging. Have you ever been on a vacation which actually involves a crapton of driving and stuff? That’s what this trip is. It’s still an awesome trip (We’re in Texas! How can it not be awesome?) but between my parents not having internet right now, free wireless is hard to find and late nights hanging out with friends, it’s been a challenge. However, the lack of blogging does not mean a lack of dieting. I have been working hard to keeping everything in check and so far it has worked. With traveling, there is a alot of eating out so I’ve been keeping that in mind. Since we are in Texas, we have been eating a alot of Mexican food and it has been awesome. I’m worried though that we are getting spoiled and we will be uber depressed when we go back to Tallahassee. Tonight we are going to eat at the best Bar B Que place in the state (no hyperbole, it’s been ranked as such by Texas Monthly) so I’m ready for that. They have an all you can eat option that I had one time and I remember eating so much that I got sick. I felt like I had to eat as much as possible and I felt disgusting after. That will not happen this time.

I have noticed that some old habits and instincts have come back since I’ve been in Texas. I want things to surround eating when I’ve suggested things to do. That used to be my thing which is why I gained so much weight. It’s just easier to get people to hang out with you if there is a plate of food involved. I think that’s just because we are here for a short amount of time so that’s the way to see a lot of people but it’s a slippery slope. Plus not to mention it’s been in the triple digits every day (except today… it’s a frigid 97) so it’s hard to be motivated to do something outside. I haven’t worked out as much as I have liked but I’m going to rectify that the rest of the trip. If I’m going to eat like I am, I need to balance it out a little better.

Anyways, so we are heading to Abilene on Friday for another wedding that I’m really stoked for. I’m going to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen since we moved so it’s going to be a lot of fun to catch up with them.I’m going to be able to blog a little more the rest of the trip (I think) so I will keep you a little more updated. Either way when we get back I’ll have a complete recap of the trip with some funny anecdotes and such. Also, look for a wordless wednesday later tonight. See ya later.


2 thoughts on “Day 268: Travel Update

  1. Good to hear from you! I hear you about the social eating thing. I noticed that right away when I went back to new
    Orleans. There are places where food=culture and that’s
    One of them… Glad you’re having a good trip.. Tell Megan to post some of her research findings! We miss y’all… Don’t have so much fun that you wont luv
    Us when you come back 🙂
    Stupid random
    iPhone capital letters…

    Dani & Kd

  2. A “Sooner” is someone who immigrated into Oklahoma before it was officially opened for settlement by the government, thus settling illegally on Indian lands. So really, Sooners are just illegal emmigrants.

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