Day 276: Friday Frenzy!!!


What it is jive turkey?

Well today began Operation Let’s Lose Some Freakin’ Weight Yo! The trip was a little rough on my eating habits and my discipline but that was all my own fault. I had the will power, but it’s hard when your weakness is BBQ and then you go to the Mecca of delicious smoked meats and not have the same urges to feast. (Or according to my friend Andrea “The need to feed”) I think I went laxed because I celebrated my victories too soon. My stomach was like Bush on the aircraft carrier with the Mission Accomplished banner, this was (on weight) still has a long ways to go! I’m only really halfway there! Regardless, today I realized I want to be back where I was before the trip, I was more tone than ever before and my double chin was eroding to nothingness! So now I’m back on the wagon and eating right and well (yes dear readers… that is possible!) and I’m ready to finally break the century mark.

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal squares for 5 points. Those things are awesome!

Lunch: We kept it simple for lunch and had a turkey sandwich with a side of carrots. The low cal bread at Publix is soooo awesome. It’s only a point for two slices! So lunch was only 2 points! WOWZERS!






Snack: I went and got my hair did (while a banshee child was getting his first haircut while screaming for dear life in the chair next to me… but that’s for another post) and then went over to Starbucks to kill some time. I was looking to try something new so I had a skinny vanilla latte. I’m sure it would have been good if Starbucks didn’t burn their coffee, but since they do it was mediocre. Sadly, I wish it was good because it was only 2 points. (Also, they thought my name was David, it’s no Hank but it works?)

Snack: We went to go work out around 6 so I needed something to hold me over until dinner. So I had a tuna sandwich with mustard and pickles. (Trust me… it’s better than it sounds. I would have posted a picture, but frankly it looked like a Friskies ad) It was good nonetheless and only 3 points.





SAWS!!!!!! I was so ready to get back in to the gym and try out my new Reebok Zigtechs!!! I warmed up on the treadmill and running in them feels like your gliding on an elliptical! I was doing 5.5 mph like it was nothing. Usually after a while my shoulder and chest muscles start to hurt because with my old shoes it felt like I was jumping up and down on pavement, but with these bad boys I didn’t have any pain at all. I was impressed yo! Anyways, so I warmed up and then worked on arms and core. Over the trip I lost the tone in my sides and now they are back to Flabbytown so I’m going to focus on getting that back. Then I hit up the elliptical on weight loss for about 25 minutes. Overall it was a pretty good work out, but unfortunately Leach is going to be closed until Tuesday so we are going to get creative to workout around the neighborhood.





Dinner: Megan made her signature mac n’ cheese with broccoli and it was freakin’ epic. I had 2 massive servings (1 1/2 cups is a serving) and it was only 12 points. 





Dessert: We decided to get some awesome froyo at Yogurt Mountain for dessert. It turned out to be a good trip because it served as a bit of a wake up call for me with indulging on yogurt. YM has the nutrition facts which I glance at but don’t do the exact math on. Usually, I ballpark it and say with a sweet yogurt and toppings it’s 5 points. Tonight, my yogurt alone was 5 points so my yogurt is much worse that it should be. I really need to get back to tart flavors like taro or non fat flavors and have fruit toppings instead. It was a wake up call that I needed because that change would save me a bunch of calories and points that I underestimate. I’m conservatively going to say that my dessert was 8 points tonight.

So tonight I got to 32 points but with the exercise points I’m definitely good. Before I left I was beginning to think that 30 points a day wasn’t enough, but with meals like today it is definitely doable. See ya tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Day 276: Friday Frenzy!!!

  1. I love tuna with mustard and pickles! I usually make my tuna with hard boiled eggs too, which I know sounds gross but I think it’s super yummy!

  2. I think it’s kinda scary thinking about losing daily points. Logically, though, the smaller we get the fewer points we really need because we expend less and less energy doing any activity. Being a lover of food, I feel like I won’t be able to have things I love to eat. So far it hasn’t been an issue. I hope that continues.

    You are doing great, and I think the amount of weight you’ve lost is awesome! Also, the fact that you keep going even when you feel discouraged by the scale or you fall off the wagon, so to speak. That’s testament to determination! 🙂

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