Day 277: Saturday Silky Smooth

[I have no clue what that title means. Draw your own conclusions.]

Today was Day Two of Operation Whatever-I-Named-This-Operation-Yesterday and it we great! My body has already readjusted to eating less because I am eating better things. Dieting is all about less is more, you have to find the lower calorie (or lower point) foods that fill you up better. For me that’s veggies like cucumbers, broccoli and baby carrots. Overall though, I’m hoping to be back where I was before I left by next week.

Breakfast: (Yes, this picture is artsy farsty (as much as artsy fartsy a picture of a banana can be ) but I was just messing with Instagram. Pretty awesome app.) So for breakfast I had two pieces of toast with Central Market PB and half of a banana. I stocked up like crazy at Central Market on CM PB because it is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world!!! Anyways, it was kind of like the Wafflewich but less points because the low cal bread at Publix is only 45 calories a slice so that was a good trade off. Breakfast was only 6 points so not too bad.

Exercise: Cleaned the house like crazy. We went Snow White on this joint. There had to be some exercise points in there somewhere…





Lunch: We just had leftover mac n cheese and broccoli. It was fantastically delicious. 9 points.










Snack: After we gallivanted around town in search of picture frames and such, I had a 100 calorie mocha frap on ice. I think they are way better over ice. Not sure why but I just do. (P.S. the polar bear on the cup is named Chester. Not sure why I told you that either.) 2 points.









Dinner: Megan bought a cookbook called the “Hungry Girl 1-2-3” on our trip so she tried out one of the lower calorie meals in it. She made the Planet Hungrywood Sweet & Cap’n Crunchy Chicken made with Captain Crunch and Fiber One cereal. It is as awesome as you would expect. The Fiber One gave the tenders texture while the Captain Crunch had the sweetness you know and love (without shredding the roof of your mouth.) Each tender is only two points and we paired it with a modified version of the Honey and Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes that we love to make from The Athlete’s Plate. For dessert I had a No Pudge Brownie that Megan made. They are really awesome and easy to make! Dinner was a total of 10 points so not bad at all for a killer dinner like that!

So today I got to 27 points which isn’t that bad at all! I wasn’t hungry at all today so hooray for me! Tomorrow is weigh in and we will just see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 277: Saturday Silky Smooth

    • Lol glad you liked it. Thanks for not lickin the screen. I would imagine there would be reproductions from that.

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