279: Fireworks and Other Awesomeness!


(As I am writing this it still sounds like the freakin’ War of 1812 outside. I love fireworks as much as the next guy, but at 11:30? Come on!)

The 4th of July was always my favorite holiday growing up. Even when I lived in Canada when I was little I always looked forward to going to my Uncle Loyd and Aunt Marietta’s farm in Montana and shooting off an armory of explosives. So many blown up plastic toy soldiers…

Exercise: This morning, Megan and I started the Couch to 5K… again… and it was great to run again. I like running behind our place, but it’s extremely hilly and it’s basically just loose soil so we decided to go to Lake Ella park near downtown. The track around the lake is six-tenths of a mile so it’s big enough that running around it numerous times is a problem. (For me, running around a tenth of a mile track I get bored and frankly a little dizzy.) Anyways, the first day is a five minute warm up and then 20 minutes of interval running with 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. On paper it’s not too bad but by the fourth time you have to run you are feeling rough. I felt good though because my pace was about 8:30/mile in the running so if I could keep that up I would be ballin! I also used Runkeeper, a running app that uses GPS like Nike+ but also has interval alarms which is perfect for C25K. Luckily we went early enough that it wasn’t too hot but by then end it was starting to warm up. No bueno.

Breakfast: I had breakfast in shifts today. I had PB and half a banana on a piece of toast before the run (a really good pre-workout breakfast) and then a Chobani with a little granola after. Both were really recharging and delicious.

Lunch: I just had a basic turkey sandwich with chips and Mrs. Renfro’s Peach salsa which is freakin’ legit! I love that stuff. (I don’t know a lady actually named Mrs. Renfro, it’s the brand’s name. Next time you see it, buy it.) The chips were also only 3 points for 14 chips so it was only a 5 point lunch thanks to the low calorie bread. Holla!








Dinner: This afternoon, we went to our friends  Jacob and Emily Ward’s apartment for a little chilling by the pool action with a cookout to follow. Jacob, Emily and I are all in the same department at FSU so it was fun to hang out and catch up. Anyways, after laying by the pool (which was interrupted by the loudest clap of thunder ever. There was a 1-2 second differential between the lightning and the thunder.) we had dinner. It was a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) dinner so I made some turkey burgers earlier today. They turned out really really well. I also had some beans, pretzels, chips and guac, etc. so yeah there was a bit of grazing but overall it was a great time! (I have more pics from tonight and I’ll put them in Worldess Wednesday!)

So overall, like I just said four lines ago, I did do some grazing that could have been minimized, but the rest of the week I will be on the straight and narrow to become hot and narrow. See ya tomorrow.











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