Day 280: Tuesday Twinkle

(I’ve given up on the whole making creative titles thing. Welcome to Lameotown.)

Sup everyone! Today I slept for what felt like 10,000 hours because my knees were sunburned and my stomach hurt. Not a bueno situation yo. Anyways, it was another exciting day in Tallahassee, well not really. All that really happened was the Casey Anthony verdict and I wrote about it on the inaugural post of my other blog called Talking About Media so once you are done with this post, you should check it out and let me know what you think. (Yes, I am a blog lady of the night and I will turn tricks for my writings.)

Breakfast: I woke up a little late so I just had a cut up banana, PB and toast which was 3 points. At first I thought this breakfast was just 2.5 points but I forgot about the bread. So that’s that.






Lunch: So we had plans to eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch because it was a fan frenzy day so it was going to be free. Well, when we got over there, the parking lot was super packed and the drive thru was queued up like a boss so it was logistically not possible to get in. I hate that CFA’s are on such small lots where the parking lot always has cars in it. I know it makes them look busy and successful, but that also deters folks like me. Just saying. Anyways, we ended up at Subway and I had a ham sandwich. It was okay, but definitely no CFA. The only upside to Subway was that there was a TCBY right next door. We decided to give it a shot and I’m really glad we did. It’s not a self serve joint, but their yogurt is low calorie, low fat, has fiber and active cultures in it, and best of all they offer a kids cup for everyone! We both had the White Chocolate Mousse and it was only 2 points for a big kids cup of froyo! Lunch was 10 points yo!

Snack: I had chips and salsa and before we worked out a bowl of Oatmeal Squares so my healthy snacking was a total of 7 points.

SAWS!!!: Megan and I decided to hit up the gym, and apparently so did the rest of FSU. Leach had been closed since Saturday so I guess everyone was there to make up for the weekend. I did a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical because we didn’t have a ton of time so I made good use of my time. While I was ellipticalin’ it up, I noticed all the obviously new freshman (I could tell by how much they looked like middle schoolers. Crap I’m old.) that were not wiping down the equipment after they were done. I would never call out someone nor am I a germaphobe, but it really grosses me out when it’s on cardio machines that induce a crapton of sweat. Grosstacity! Anyways, I got 6 exercise points.






Dinner: For dinner we had leftover chili which was fantabulous and a no pudge fudge brownie for dessert. It was awesome. 15 points.

So overall today I got to 35 points but with the exercise points I’m good! Tomorrow is session No. 2 of Couch to 5K so I’m super stoked for that. Also tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday so get super stoked for that too! See ya tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 280: Tuesday Twinkle

  1. Least fav CFA: the one on Appalachee by Target. Not only do they have the small parking lot problem, but people think nothing of extending the drive thru line into the road and end up blocking traffic. Grr…

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