Day 283: Friday


I’ll keep this brief because I have some Harry Potter to read!

Breakfast: I didn’t sleep well at all last night (like 3-4 hours worth) and I had a job interview so I ate PB toast with half a banana for 3 points. (That was all one sentence? )

Lunch: After my interview, Megan and I went to lunch with our friend Andrea for some Mellow Mushroom awesomeness! They had a two slice and a drink lunch combo so I had that and we spit Bruschetta. It was sooo awesome!!!! I didn’t know how big the slices are but it was delicious. Anyways, Lunch was about 12 points.

Snack: I just had some chips and salsa for 3 points.





Workout: So Megan and I wanted to hit up the gym since we didn’t get run this morning because of the while no sleep/raining thing. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and I kept my heart rate in the fat loss range. SAWS!!!!! 9 exercise points







Dinner: For dinner, Megan made this awesome tilapia with a baked potato with this killer fruit salad. It was a legit 10 point dinner.

So I got to about 28 points. Legit awesomeness. Maybe it won’t rain in the morning. But then again, we live in Florida. See ya tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 283: Friday

  1. Your gym pictures always crack me up but you are rocking it hardcore. We are finally getting a Mellow Mushroom so I may finally be able to this awesomeness that I keep hearing about. Have a good weekend!

  2. I should’ve let you take a picture of me so everyone can know that you are stealing my favorite photo face…

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