Day 285: On the Train to Frustrationtown!

Hey Boys and Girls!

Well… I think I’ve hit a plateau. Statistically, I should be past 100 pounds already but for about the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve been stuck in the same weight range with a little losing and gaining. It’s been really frustrating I have to admit. I stuck close to my points for the majority of this week (except for Monday and dinner last night) and I worked out every day but I still gained .2 pounds this week. I know I know, it’s not much, but I’m still trying to get back to where I was before I left on my vacation. So I’m at 264.8 and I was at 262 before I left so I’m 7.8 pounds away from breaking 100. It feels like 257 is my magic number right now. It’s a mental block I have and I need to break it. So this week, I’m going to add some more workout time, try to count calories more than points, and drink water by the gallons. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Breakfast: I just had piece of toast with PB and half a banana 3 points. Then I had had a 3 point muffin.

Lunch: For lunch, the young professionals group from church decided to go to Genghis Grill for lunch and we had a blast. One of our friends Becky, who has lost 30 pounds like a boss, is the queen of bowl stacking so she showed us all how it’s done! The bowl on the left of raw goodness is Becky’s Bowl of Destruction, which she turns in to four meals total. (Yeah, she’s pretty legit.) Anyways, what she does at GG is when she gets her bowl she asks for the to go box immediately. So Megan and I both did that too and as soon as I got my bowl, I put enough in my the box to fill it and I still had a ton of food on my plate! By the time I was done I was still full while not feeling disgusting which was a nice change. The moral of this paragraph: Becky is a beast.

Snack: I had some chips. Nothing exciting.


Dinner: I just had my leftovers for dinner and they were just as epic as at lunch. In fact, they might have been better because I put Beaver Sweet Hot mustard on it which has a wasabi taste to it. Leftovers are awesome. Just saying.








Dessert: Megan and I went back to TCBY for some yogurt and it was still epic. It was only 5 ounces total which isnt near as bad as when I got to other places.

So that was my day. I felt like I did okay (not great) but tomorrow I’m really getting down to business. I know I shouldn’t put a time frame on these goals, but I want to break 100 by the end of the month. I’m going to Disney in a few weeks and I really want to get an “I’m Celebrating” pin, proclaiming my weight loss. Either way, I really do have to remember that I still have a lot to celebrate.

Here we go again….

See ya tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Day 285: On the Train to Frustrationtown!

  1. It could definitely be a lot of things. You could be on a plateau but if you are exercising a lot, you may not be eating enough. I know that sounds crazy but if you’re burning too many calories and taking in enough food your body thinks it’s starving and starts storing fat. You can also trying reducing the sodium in your diet, that makes you retain water which makes it look like you’re gaining weight even though you aren’t. Frozen dinners even WW ones have TONS of sodium. I totally am cheering you on to hit your goal before the end of the month. Rock the SAWS like a beast, yo!

  2. I agree with iheartreading! Make sure you include some fats in your diet, like avocado and olive oil. If your body is missing some nutrients or calories, it’ll go into starvation mode. That’ll make you feel crappy and the weight loss wont happen. Losing a large portion of your body weight is a huge task for your body, so go easy on it, take care of it, and be forgiving of yourself. You’re doing an amazing job 🙂

  3. I think yall are totally right. I have been eating my exercise points, even if I was below my points that day. It’s not because I’m starving myself or anything, but sometimes I’m just not hungry. I’m definitely keeping an eye on my sodium. That was a problem when Megan was out of town because I’m useless without her lol and I was just eating frozen dinners. Well, we will just see what happens. Thanks for your awesome suggestions. Thanks for being with me during my journey. Yall rock.

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